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For LOST fans. Did you know that J.J. Abrams created a new show called "Fringe" that will be on Fox this fall

The guy who plays Matthew Abaddon is gonna be on it.


I'm hoping it will help us fill the LOST void until late Jan/early Feb when LOST starts again.

Update 2:

Sk8hendrix19 - Your probably right about that, but I bet it will be better than most of the other crap that's on TV nowadays.

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    I know its by j.j. abrams but we will all be comparing it to lost I bet. actually I will check it out but honestly I'm skeptical. especially if it has the same concepts of flashbacks and flashforwards, it will have to be totally different from lost in order to win my vote. I wouldn't want him to make a poor rendition of lost and put it out there as a whole new drama. if there is any simbulance of lost on this new show anywhere. then I for one will be dissapointed and stop watching. so we will just have to tune in and see.

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    I'd rather watch Joss Wheddons Dollhouse with Eliza Dusku.

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    Yeah I did. I'm not TOO excited about it. If it were going to air on Monday I definitely would not watch it over Heroes and Chuck, but it looks like it's on Tuesday's so I will definitely check it out.

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    Yes, but I doubt it will be as good as Lost.

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    yea they advertised for it during the mlb all star game

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    actually no

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