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how many watts rms does this amp give out at 2 ohms???

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    Derek you obviously know nothing about car audio, stop giving advice.

    First that amp is nothing more than garbage, that thing would be lucky if it could put out a total of 400 watts; and that is considering it is a 2 channel. I would seriously look into Cruch since your obvioulsy on a budget. At least with Cruch you get what it says you will get, and clean. For all of those that are going to try to flame that one, you may want to look into maxxsonics, which makes MB QUART, HI-FONICS, and CEUNCH.

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    Actually, if you want an amp that pushes what it states, look for CEA-2006 compliant amps.

    One thing that seperates the honest manufacturers from the others in amplifiers or head units is being CEA-2006 compliant.

    An amp/Head Unit with this certificate means the amp/HU was voluntarily submitted by the manufacturer to the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) for testing using a standard method for all amplifiers or HUs. Passing this testing means the amp produces the watts RMS stated in the specs.

    This is a big plus for consumers as a lot of manufacturers lie about there ratings just to make a sale. You know exactly what your getting from a certified amp, no guess work.

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    This amp gives off 650 watts rms at 2 ohms...

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    Bridged at 2 ohms it puts out 800w RMS. Please please please time a million do not get a lanzar amplifier. I had three of them, all different models and they all blew within the month. Didn't run at full power, plugged to speakers, subs, you name it and they blew. Just a crappy brand. You really do get what you pay for my friend. Go with a kenwood KAC-9104D amplifier. Puts out 900w RMS at 2 ohms true wattage.

    Source(s): The Exclusive Co, WI
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    400 watts to each woofer

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