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Katy Perry: Is She Really Into Girls?

I was just wondering out of curiosity, being that I heard she was from a Christian family and her daddy was a preacher. Is he? And if so, how does her family feel about her music?


Well thanks for all the answers guys!And for you, "gourmet," I have nothing against gay people. I have a gay uncle and my best friend is gay. I was just asking out of curiosity. So thanks for nothing, I don't even know why you bothered posting that. Thanks :)

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    Katy Perry kissed a girl and liked it.

    Now people want answers.

    "People ask me questions about my life and it's weird," Perry said during a phone interview shortly before a recent Warped Tour performance in Cleveland. "I've been up since 7 a.m. and I start off dealing with press in front of a TV camera . . . can I have a minute to myself and I will call them back, I swear?"

    Hey, when you have the No. 1 single in the country, "I Kissed a Girl," for four weeks straight, these things happen.

    It's the summer of Katy Perry.

    "There's nothing hotter than her right now," said Jon Vena of Perry. Vena is the marketing manager for AEG Live, which along with Concerts East are local co-promoters of Monday's Warped Tour show, featuring Perry, at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park. "("I Kissed a Girl') is a pop-punk song with a rock attitude and it makes perfect sense being so huge. She's this year's Paramore."

    Paramore is the female-fronted band who rose to stardom on last year's Warped Tour. Perry is a pastor-parents-raised sassy singer from Santa Barbara, Calif. She released a Christian music album in 2001, bounced around the music biz after that and gained noterity recently with the singles "UR So Gay," a poke at effete emo types, and "I Kissed A Girl," a rollicking rocker about sexual experimentation.

    Now she's slogging it out with the boys on the Warped Tour.

    "I'm a very outspoken kid," Perry said. "I've always been one to never censor myself and I wear my heart on my sleeve. I wrote about my life and my life is very spontaneous and sporadic and filled with all kinds of things in it."

    She's not all about kissing and telling.

    "The first couple of looks that you see from me is "UR So Gay' and "I Kissed a Girl' and they have interesting tales to them, but there are 10 other tales on the record to be shown. I'm a very open person. I come from a strict household where a lot of things were no-nos. Now I'm out on my own and I'm kind of trying so many different things."

    Her Capitol Records album, "One of the Boys," features Perry's bright and punchy '80s-inspired rock. Perry has a warm glow to her voice, which can alternately belt out a rocker or coo comely lines.

    On the ballad "Lost," there's a sensitivity and uncertainty that belies the brassy bombast of "I Kissed a Girl."

    "Every song is me, but that song especially is really me at my darkest moment and maybe my saddest moment because not everything is peachy keen in my life," Perry said of "Lost." "I feel I have many flaws and many things I'm trying to work out in my own character and in my quest to become a better person.

    "In growing up in such a "this is how we do it, this is how it will be and this is how I'm going to tell you' kind of world, when you go out on your own and travel around the world and see other people and take it all into perspective, I think I'm just starting to get a big question rather than a "that's how it is' notion about me. I don't have it all figured out and I'm not 100 percent on anything — I'm still searching."

    Perry doesn't need to search for a stylist. Her Bettie Page-meets women of "Mad Men" retro styling is a trend-setter and she's quick with a quip, telling Steppin' Out magazine recently that she wants to kiss Miley Cyrus at the upcoming Teen Choice Awards. It would help her career, she said. She's also been romantically linked to emcee Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes.

    No wonder people want answers.

    "I'm learning every day and every day's been fantastic lately, especially all the fantastic things and all of the great opportunities coming my way," said Perry, 23. "I'm very grateful every day I wake up. I no longer want to sleep my days away."

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    Who knows.You're asking this because of a song about experimenting with a girl?

    And who cares what her family thinks.Grown-ups with imaginary friends,which is what all adult Christians are,are idiots,so whatever they think shouldn't matter.

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    She is currently dating Travis McCoy (Gym Class Heroes)

    So she's not "into girls".

    It's pretty sad I know this, considering I highly dislike their music.

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    Hon, why do you think Christian people can't be gay?

    Despite the lies your church may have taught you, God loves all his children, even the gay ones.

    My gay son is the best MAN I have ever known.

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    No she's not into girls...that song is just about how girls can have too much fun sometimes,

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    no, her boyfriend is someone from a famous band but i cant remember the name

  • I'm wondering myself. ...

    And Kenny D...

    PLEASE be quiet. :]

    You act if Katy is some goddess...HA! NOT! XD

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    don't know

    i only hear this song -> one of the boys

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    i kissed a girl and i liked it!!!!!!!!!!!

    she is top song for along time make alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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    Maybe she's just doing it to get attention.

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