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Why is not using injured troops as a photo op worse than voting against the GI Bill?

It seems like typical Bush tactics from McCain. Style over substance. Everyone is so upset that Obama didnt use our injured troops as a photo op, yet people seem fine with McCain not wanting our troops to be able to improve themselves through college because then they may not want to come back and fight for his war. Why is that?


Statepoller, I do not place a different value on those that are still serving and will serve in the future as those who have been injured. The sad part is that McCain seems to only care about live bodies to fight for 100 years.

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    September 2007: McCain voted against the Webb amendment calling for adequate troop rest between deployments.

    July 2007: McCain voted against a plan to drawdown troop levels in Iraq. At the time, an ABC poll found that 63% thought the invasion was not worth it

    March 2007: McCain was too busy to vote on a bill that would require the start of a drawdown in troop levels within 120 days

    February 2007: For such a strong supporter of the escalation, McCain didn’t even bother to show up and vote against a resolution condemning it.

    June 2006: McCain voted against a resolution that Bush start withdrawing troops but with no timeline to do so.

    May 2006: McCain voted against an amendment that would provide $20 million to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for health care facilities.

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    April 2006: McCain was one of only 13 Senators to vote against $430,000,000 for the Department of Veteran Affairs for Medical Services for outpatient care and treatment for veterans.

    March 2006: McCain voted against increasing Veterans medical services funding by $1.5 billion in FY 2007 to be paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes.

    March 2004: McCain once again voted for abusive tax loopholes over veterans when he voted against creating a reserve fund to allow for an increase in Veterans' medical care by $1.8 billion by eliminating abusive tax loopholes. Jeez, McCain really loves those tax loopholes for corporations, since he voted for them over our veterans' needs.

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    October 2003: McCain voted to table an amendment by Senator Dodd that called for an additional $322,000,000 for safety equipment for United States forces in Iraq and to reduce the amount provided for reconstruction in Iraq by $322,000,000.

    April 2003: McCain urged other Senate members to table a vote (which never passed) to provide more than $1 billion for National Guard and Reserve equipment in Iraq related to a shortage of helmets, tents, bullet-proof inserts, and tactical vests.

    August 2001: McCain voted against increasing the amount available for medical care for veterans by $650,000,000. To his credit, he also voted against the 2001 Bush tax cuts, which he now supports making permanent, despite the dire financial condition this country is in, and despite the fact that he indicated in 2001 that these tax cuts unfairly benefited the very wealthy at the expense of the middle class.

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    Obama was told he could come IF he didn't bring the press with him.

    On that condition, he declined.

    So he choose not to visit the injured troops because he COULDN'T use it as a photo op!

    - - - - - - -

    McCain supports a different version of a GI Bill. One that wouldn't require a set-in-stone time-line for withdrawel.

    If the Dems really wanted the bill passed, they wouldn't have included a time-line, knowing that would kill the bill.

    So blame dems for that Bill failing!

    - - - - -

    And McCain does NOT want a 100 year war!

    He said there could be a 100 year PRESENSE in Iraq as long as our men weren't in harms way.

    We have already been in Germany & Japan for over 60 years!

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    As a veteran and McCain surely knows it also, it doesn't take two hitches to be killed in battle. The troops that are on the line 1day can die as easy as someone that been there for twenty years. For putting their life on the line one hitch is honor enough to better themselves.

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    I am so glad that Obama did not visit the troops and have photographs taken there. After all, hasn't George Bush proclaimed that Americans cannot even see pictures of dead soldiers in their flag-draped coffins, let alone see pictures of injured men and women? That might shake the sensibilities of the American public, or at least let them realize there is a "war" going on and bring home some of the atrocities of war.

    So, we'll just have to make do with that continual and constant picture of John McCain in the P.O.W. camp, which we are faced with every time we turn on the television set. Obama had enough sense not to campaign in a hospital with soldiers who have been told not to participate in election politics. Good for him!

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    Because the GI bill included parts that McCain couldn't in good conscience support. You need to study the bill before jumping to the conclusions you have. If you have ever read a bill you would know they carry many issues, not one.

    I wonder what part of visiting wounded troops Obama can't in good conscience support?

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    Your question is not wise. McCain is not the one who decided against going to a hospital to visit troops. Obama was told that he could not politiise the visit. Obama is a political hack.

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    The problem isn't that Obama didn't have a photo op , the problem is when he was told he couldn't have a photo op and bing his media entourage he chose to not bother visiting the troops anymore!!!

    Source(s): Proud army wife of an OIF Vet voting for McCain
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    voting for the GI Bill diminishes the ranks of a voluntary military and honoring those injured is a whole another thing

    The fact that you group those in the same sentence is saddening.

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