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Amy Grant or Michael W. Smith?

I like them both. I also liked Amy's "secular" music. You?


Whenever I was at a summer camp dance they'd play that song. All the losers having no one to dance with got in a circle & sang while I held on to my BF with all my might LOL!

Update 2:

I meant the song "Friends" by Smith!

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    They are both icons in the contemporary Christian music world, however Michael W. Smith has been around a bit longer. He has written many genres of music-- contemporary, sacred, hymns, orchestral pieces, choral pieces and so on.

    He wrote many of the songs Amy recorded before she began writing her own. They collaborated on many as well as when she became older and learned more. So he was sort of a mentor for her, as she came on the scene at the young age of 15 or 16. By the way -- Michael W. Smith wrote El Shaddai--Amy's recording made it well known.

    So my pick would be Michael


    ** Note to : 'cheer142... on here:

    You have obviously no knowledge of the history of these two artists, and no sense of Michael's talent as a songwriter and worship leader, and no sense of good music--- He is far from a loser-- he is a very talented songwriter/keyboardist/performer and has a great faith to share with all.

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    Michael W. Smith

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    Michael W. Smith

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    I like them both probably equally. Love El Shaddai by Amy Grant and Friends by Michael W. Smith. Both are great singers and very talented.

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    Michael W . Smith .

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    I remember in the 90s having one or two of her albums. They completely rocked, so I'd say Amy Grant.

    One of her songs, El Shadai was quite powerfully sung.

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    Micheal W. Smith.

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    Michael W smith, Amy is more country and not christain like shes supposed to be, sry if you like her, ( no offiense)

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    since i don't know michael w smith I have to say amy grant!! I alway did like her voice.

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    Amy Grant. Yes, you're right her secular stuff is good too.

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