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Why do some people think that being a jerk is the same thing as having substance?

The person who drives by your house at 3 A.M. booming their bass. The person in the apartment next to you who intentionally slams their door. The person who knows that you don't like a particular subject, but they bring it up intentionally just to see how you react.

In their minds, they see themselves as being very important, and full of strength. In reality, they are insecure cowards.

Are they oblivious to this, or do they realize it, and just have a lot of self-hatred?

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    Some of it goes to the 50's and James Dean, the bad boy celebrity who died before he got to be a good boy. People like River Phoenix, who died of drugs on the streets of Hollywood. Heath Ledger, overdosed on Rx drugs -- a doctor should have paid more attention. These were great actors; I've seen some of the old black & whites of JD.

    Girls want to be the ones to make them better, or we think we see the better part of them and are sure we can bring it out -- that is such a bunch of lies I choke on them from the way I swallowed them in my life.

    Accept them as they are -- because that's who they will be.

    So, these obnoxious jerks who blast around at 3:00 AM are showing their true selves -- they have no consideration for others. They have no substance.

    But, for some of us, it takes a long time to see through the BS and discover they are as vapid as warm Coka Cola.

    These people simply think only about themselves. They are #1, 2, 3. Others live by the creed God is #1, others are #2, Self is #3. These are the quality people who will last in your life.


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    They could be oblivious, but more than likely they're passive/aggressive.

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    I think it all boils down to ignorance.

    They have nothing to base normal behavior on.

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