More stopping power .357 sig or .45 acp?

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    The .45 acp is a 100 year old caliber that produces 350 to 450 foot pounds of energy on impact. the .357 sig was developed in 1994 and produces 500 to 650 foot pounds of energy depending on the loading. Hands down the .357 deleviers more penetration and power then the .45 acp, but the 45 delivers a larger wound chanel. based on these facts, id have to say the .357 delivers more stopping power, however being shot at close range from either bullet would put a person down fast enough

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    That depends on whether or not you believe that the newer .357 Sig is up to .357 Magnum performance. The .357 Magnum is the #1 one manstopper to date. The .45 acp follows closely behind. On paper the .357 Sig appears to approach .357 Magnum performance but there have not been enough shootings to fully determine that.

    Right now I'd say that the .357 Sig and the .45 acp are probably equal and that the Sig has better performance against barriers like doors, sheet metal and car glass. This is why the Highway Patrol went from the Sig 220 (.45 acp) to the new caliber. Strictly as manstoppers I'd have to say that they are equal in performance and that the .357 Magnum is still #1.

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    I would think that both are about the same in most respects. I use a .357 mag (similar to a SIG) and a .45 ACP and I find the 357 penetrates better and the 45 expands better. The 45 also has a bigger entry hole. To be honest, if it's just the two I'd say the .45 ACP as I think it's more controllable of the two. Shot placement, not power, size, etc is the key.

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    More stopping power .357 sig or .45 acp?

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    A .355 slug. Thats hilarious, is a 22 ,a slug too?. 357 sig cannot match 45, want proof?? Since most people look at ft lbs of energy, which really tells nothing, but find ya 357 sigs highest.. i think its 506, with a few goin a little higher. Ok, now look up 45 in 165 and 185 +p! Ok there ya go.. 592 586 and doubletap has one at 618, now thats gettin close to 10mm, kinda, but it blows the siggy away. Peace.

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    .45 acp is the gold standard, everything is compared to the ability of this round to stop a threat. The .45 acp ammunition is readily available and easy to find, you will be able to get .45 acp rounds at the last Wal-Mart on earth when there no .357 Sig's to be found.

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    A bottlenecked shell pushing a .355" slug at magnum velocity is going to have more stopping power than a big bore subsonic. The problems are control, cost, wear, and availability. This is why I prefer the .45ACP (as well as the fact that I prefer a 1911).

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    I have a Sig P229 and a Colt 1911 Talo. I love both and in a defensive situation, I can stand my ground with either gun . Living in America today..... Well, YOU better have GUNS.

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    Its probably a toss up. Shot placement is more important than caliber.

    If you're trying to decide which one to buy, go with the .45ACP.

    I like the .357Sig but ammo is hard to come by and expensive.

    .45ACP ammo costs much less, is available in a much wider variety of loadings, and is available almost anywhere.

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    44mag. (sorry, personal choice) I don't have the stats in from of me or my brother (gun guy) close buy. I'd say it depends on the weight and design of the bullet too get accurate "Impact" energy (don't want to get hit with either mu'-self). But if you Really want Stopping Power. I go with a 45 auto mag. It's like getting hit with a wrecking ball.

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