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JJ Hardy and Rick Ankiel for Ichiro and Nick Markakis?

Just wanted your opinion on who got the better end of the trade...

I gave up JJ Hardy and Rick Ankiel (I have Peralta on my bench to play SS now) and I pick up Ichiro Suzuki and Nick Markakis.

Did I get a good end of the deal, or did I screw myself here.

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    DID HE SAY ICHIRO STRIKES OUT TOO MUCH? He is a career 300 plus hitter.Talk about streaky,JJ Hardy is more streaky than a 72 year old mans underwear.Why are you talking about defense.Last I knew fantasy baseball kept offensive score stats.You by far got the best of the trade.Across the board Ichiro and Markakis will put up better numbers from now till the end of the year.I also know that stolen bases count in fantasy league and Ichiro will have more stlen bases than Ankiel and Hardy combined.What a monsterous deal you made.YOU DID NOT GET SCREWED.

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    Don't do this trade, Hardy is an intense player, he makes consistent contact and has growing power. In the field, he boasts a very strong arm and sound instincts for a shortstop. Ankiel boasts power and shows impressive hitting ability for a former pitcher with limited experience at the dish. Can cover ground and has a rocket for an arm. Ichiro strikes out regularly against southpaws. Doesn't draw enough walks to keep pitchers honest. Tends to be a little streaky over 162 games. Markakis strikes out a little too much. Could stand to take a few more walks, considering his batting eye, power, and speed. Peralta's plate discipline is the biggest worry here and he could stand to improve his approach with runners aboard. He's not very quick, both on offense and defense. I don't think Peralta will help very much and Ankiel gives you more power.

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    I think you got the better end of that deal. Markakis is known for having big second halves, just check out his split stats or his game logs for July-Sept. Plus Ichiro will still get his usual 200+ hits with plenty of steals even though his team sucks. Hardy and Ankiel are way too streaky for me to stomach.

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