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Iraqi athletes banned from Olympics?

I just read that the International Olympic Committee has banned Iraq's athletes from the Beijing Olympics because of administrative violations committed by Iraqi olympic committe members.

It seems to me that the IOC is punishing the wrong people. Why punish the athletes for what the officials have done? Iraqi athletes can finally compete for the love of the sport (instead of being tortured and killed if they don't win..and if you don't believe me, just do your homework on how Iraqi athletes were treated by the Hussein regime.) This country has been through a lot and now they are being denied the honor of competing in the Olympics.

What do you think about this? And is there any movement afoot to get the Iraqi athletes reinstated?

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    The International Olympic Committee told Iraqi sports officials in a letter that it would uphold its ban imposed in June after the government in Baghdad replaced its national Olympic panel with members not recognized by the IOC.

    The IOC had called the move unacceptable government interference.

    In Iraq, it also smacked of the lingering sectarian bitterness between the new Shiite power brokers and the Sunnis who were once favored under Saddam Hussein -- whose son, Odai, ran the nation's Olympic committee as a personal fiefdom and was accused of torturing athletes who came up short.

    "Clearly we'd very much like to have seen Iraq's athletes in Beijing," said IOC spokeswoman Giselle Davies. "We are very disappointed that the athletes have been so ill-served by their own government's actions."

    But Davies suggested there was still a possibility for last-ditch talks to salvage Iraq's place before the games open Aug. 8.

    "If there can be some movement and if a resolution can be found, that's still an open door," she told CNN. When asked if there's a window of about a week, she said "Correct."

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    Someone didnt file the papers on time. You are right. the administrations ruin it for all. The politicians cant get along. If the world were just the athletes it would be more peaceful ( and the international artists like musicians, dancers as well as medical persons who transcend borders.) It is a small global world we all want to have peace in so why do the politicians consume power and ruin it

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    Maybe the papers weren't filed on time on purpose to prevent the athletes from going. If that's true then it is really sad and horrible. I'm afraid politics rears its ugly head in the Olympics too often and the athletes really suffer because of it. I wish it weren't so but I think it is. I haven't heard of any changes to benefit the athletes. We can hope.

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    With a sprint over 2 weeks to choose for the start of the olympics, who's accustomed to what is going to take place. i think of it extremely is especially no longer likely that Iraq will compete interior the olympics, even of there became a stream became to ensue. it extremely is totally unlucky that this has to take place. each and every u . s . merits to compete interior the olympics with no need to rigidity approximately government. government continually gets interior the way of issues.

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    Iraqis are being punished for daring to live without saddam and cronies ruling them, the IOC hates it.

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    It stupid there banning iraq the olympics are suposed to be a sportings event detached from politics, why they would decided to ban them in beyond me.

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    Iraqi people have not luck , and its so unfair for those people. makes me angry

  • Anonymous
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    ya sucks, not fair at all, and black people can't go into the bars there, China is fu*ked

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