WHat was the discription of Bella and Alice's prom dress discriptions in Twilight?

My friend and I are dressing up and the prom versions of Bella and Alice for the breaking dawn realece party, but I dont own a copy of Twilight and I wan to make shute that our costumes are accurate.

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    Here are the exact descriptions. Bella- "Then she dressed me in the most ridiculous dress- deep blue, frilly off the shoulders, with French tags I couldn't read- a dress more suitable for a runway than Forks."

    A picture of what Stephanie Meyer pictured for Bella's dress except its not the right color (i got this off her sight).


    The dress Bella wore in the movie (sorry not the best picture)


    Alice-"Alice was striking in a black satin dress with geometric cutouts that bared her snowy white skin."

    A picture from Stephenie Meyers sight of Alice's dress


    Hope I helped!

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    I'm not a big fan and I'm not going to try and analyze the situation because this is probably one of just many, many plot holes within the series, but I believe that Alice can see the future. She doesn't need to be able to read Bella's mind in order to see what will happen to her. If she could read her mind, she would have know that Bella jumped off of the cliff to be spontaneous and dangerous, not to actually kill herself.

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    Option one: wear a blue dress cut off the sholders with a cast on.

    Option 2: A blue shirt and a long khaki skirt (like when she first met the cullens)

    *she also wear alot of tees and jeans. On her first day she wore a black parka. She tends to be a little accident prone so a few bandages wouldn't hurt.

    *if you can you should get the bracelets. I saw one for $44.

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    There are photos at Mrs. Meyer's website at the FAQ of Twilight. But Bella's dress was blue, whereas the dress in the pic is yellowish. =)

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    Bellas was light blue, long-ish I cant really remember

    Alice's was dark blur or black with triangle cut-outs in the back..

    There are actual photo's on Stepheniemeyer.com


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    deep blue, frilly and off the shoulders, with french tags I couldnt understand. She had elaborately curled hair with a silver stiletto heel held on by ribbons and a cast. -Bella

    Black satin dress with geometric cutouts that bared large triangles on her snowy white skin. -Alice

    vivid scarlett dress was backless, tight to her calves where it flared into a wide ruffled train, with a neckline that plunged to her waist. -Rosalie

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    on stephenie meyers website there's pix of the dresses... heres the link


    the 1st one's bella's, the 2nd one's alice's

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    i remember that bella's was blue long maybe had feathers on it um alice was long black with v shapes on it

    but i guess that they changed bellas dress to yellow

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