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I wanna become an actress, what should I do?

I am in this program called John Robert Powers and they are very helpful, but expensive, and i dont have 1,000 dollars to pay for a photoshoot and my parents would certainly not pay for it but i need some professional pictures to send to casting directors, i need an agent but all the best agents are in California and NY and i live in Maryland. I dont know what to do, i have no one to support me and drive me places for auditions. Man i cant wait till i can drive, and find a job, untill then what should i do

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Decide whether you want to be a professional actor (addressed here) or an amateur. If you want to be a professional, read on.

    Step2Move to a major city. Eventually, New York or Los Angeles will be your destination, but as you build your resumé of experience you can work in other major metropolitan areas that have good theater or film communities.

    Step3Enroll in acting class. Good actors study their entire lives. To choose a good class, ask trusted, successful professionals for references.

    Step4Get a headshot (see "How to Get a Headshot," under Related eHows).

    Step5Compose a resumé of all the work you have done so far. As your body of work grows, drop the less professional work (such as school plays) from your resumé.

    Step6Send your headshot and resumé with a brief cover letter to all the casting directors and agents in your area. Follow up with postcards every four to six months, updating them on your current acting projects.

    Step7Read the trade papers regularly: "Backstage," "Dramalogue," "The Ross Reports" and "Variety," as well as online publications such as, as appropriate. Know what is being cast where, and send headshots and notes directly to directors and producers whenever possible, requesting auditions.

    Step8Always accept invitations to industry events and parties, and meet industry professionals whenever possible. Who you know is extremely important.


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  • 1 decade ago

    well, i also have plans for being in that type of job, and im also under the age to drive, what i do is just try out for all the school acting/art functions I can until i can drive, then get a job for the money and save up all the money and in no time you will have a chance, the realism is that you cant do much until you have a job and can drive.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No one ensures you success (only scammers!). First, make yourself clear if you want a JOB or an ACTIVITY that will make you happy. If you want to be "famous" (means being professional to you), and then make money, you should differentiate that being notorious is not necesary being talented, or, even worse, will make you compromise many ethical things that you might not like to do or act in plays that you dont really like. Be professional, not famous. Make what will nurture you. Best of luck.

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