Kevin Jonas? JONAS FANS!!?

Why do so called "Fans" Always Bash on my man Kevin Jonas?

He is As Talented, as Nick and Joe, and more talented than them on Guitar [If Nick Jonas EVER reads this, I'M SORRY =(]

He's definitly a Cutie, and i dont get why these so called fans, only like Nick or Joe.

It just Doesnt make sense to me!

They wouldnt be a band if Kevin wasnt there??!!

So why do all the REAL fans, think that Kevin doesnt get as much Credit as Nick and Joe?


STAR if you agree!!!

Update 2:


I didnt mean it like that.

its a figure of speach.

have you Really never heard it before?

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    1 decade ago
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    Well a lot of the fans are new. For instance a year ago they starred in Hannah Montana and right after they toured with her. Most of the Hannah/Miley fans are young. I'm not saying all but most. Some are like 4 some are like 14.....

    Of course a lot of kids watch Disney channel. So a lot of the kids who watched Camp Rock fell in love with the Jonas Brothers.

    Especially Joe who had the lead.

    As you see a lot of the questions are:

    Who's the cutest Jonas Brother? I LOVE JOE!

    So mostly these kids/girls are not Jonas Brothers fans.

    They don't know anything about them.

    If I asked whats Joe's middle name they would answer as I didn't know he has one or I dunno.

    So to your question.

    Fans who were fans before they appeared on Disney or even before Camp Rock are true loyal JB fans.

    They know all the JoBros songs and they know every little Jonas secret.

    These are the fans that support all 3 of them:

    Kevin, Joe, & Nick.

    I agree, Kevin is amazing. He is talented, he is super sweet and sensitive. Totally romantic and cute. So down-to-earth and funny. He is majorly talented and boy does he have guitar skills. He is the glue who keeps the band together and is the best big brother Joe, Nick & Frankie can possibly have; literally. He always thanks the fans and he is really a true role model. he doesn't let the haters get to him and he is living the dream and thats the best.

    Those so called 'fans' who hate on Kevin are NOT fans. How can you not like 1/3 of the band?

    Kevin is like the cone to the ice cream. Without the cone the ice cream will not have something supporting it and keeping it in place. But Kevin is the cone who keeps the band together,


    I love the Jonas Brothers including Kevin!


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    1 decade ago

    I totally agree with you!!

    Personally, I LOVE them all equally, and I'd never single one out! A lot of "fans" leave out Kevin and I don't think it's fair. Of course, everyone has their own opinions but only TRUE fans would include Kevin! He's just as attractive and just as talented as Joe and Nick. Without him, there wouldn't be a band! He ROCKS that guitar and he has a great personality! He makes all fans feel more comfortable around him and Joe and Nick. He plays the big brother role. He's a big part of the band. He may not sing as much as Joe or Nick but he's just as important! Enough said. =]

    Some fans just like them for their looks, they think Nick and Joe are hot and Kevin is ugly, and they're so wrong. They're more than wrong, they're DROP DEAD wrong. If they'd just look at the soul inside rather than the looks, we wouldn't be having this problem!

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    Kevin deserves as much credit, if not, more than the younger two. He is the producer and guitarist, without him, there is no JB. I think he is very handsome though.

    People who only like Nick or Joe are Nick/Joe fans, not JB fans. You can't be a true JB fan without liking Kevin.

    I am a JB fan for sure.

    Over here in the UK, it's the opposite, Joe is praised the most (mostly because of his looks), and thats not right. Hopefully soon, Kevin will get something great that he deserves :)

    Source(s): As for Amanda, please don't advise others on which music to listen to, if people want to listen to the JB, they are entitled to. It's nice that you care, but just get over it, people like a band you hate. If the JB aren't "real music", the bands you listen to aren't either...
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    Yeah, you can't like the Jonas Brothers, if you don't like all the members. If there was only Nick and Joe, it would be the Jonas Duet, which isn't nearly as catchy.

    Although Nick may be the chief songwriter, I believe Kevin kinda keeps the band together. I mean, he's the older brother, the overseer, it's a natural role to play. He also plays most of the music, and sings backup from time to time.

    Source(s): You can't just like part, you've gotta like em all.
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  • Chloe
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    1 decade ago

    Your Man Kevin... Sorry I Think He's Mine As He Told Me I Was Awesome... Jks, But He Did Say That...

    I Love Kevin And He Is Actually So Gorgeous In Person, He Has Proper Conversations With You.

    It's Because He's Older. But So Kind And Mature....

    Hope That Answered Your Question :D

    A TRUE Jonas Brother Fan



  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I like Kevin Jonas alot more, they are all great people and I like them because of there music. But I think that people would probably like Kevin more if he sang more in songs. I have heard him sing on songs and he is pretty good :)

    But he is great on guitar, without him they wouldn't survive, because they all have there own little role to the band .

    Nick- He is the youngest and brought he whole band together in the first place.

    Joe- The funny one and the lead singer.

    Kevin- Everyone needs a normal and sane guy and thats him.

    If you don't like Kevin, you aren't a 'true' fan as you seem to be.

    Also he is:

    1. Cute

    2. he plays guitar AWESOMLY!

    3. he's polite

    4. he has good style

    5. he sings good back-up even though he's not lead,

    6. he is a good sport

    7. he's sincere

    8. he's down-to-earth

    9. he is so cute!

    10. he is the sweetest guy you could ever meet!

    11. if you don't like Kevin Jonas, then ur not a real Jonas brothers fan. And I hate people who hate Kevin! He;s so nice!

    AND I was watching Jonas Brothers living the Dream, and he was the ONLY Jonas Brother to say thank-you to the stage crew and say thanks to the fans.

    How sweet is that!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    When compared to Nick and Joe, he's just not as good looking, but he definitely is a cutie though.

    And he doesn't sing like Nick and Joe, which automatically puts him in the background just playing his guitar and mouthing the lyrics.

    Poor Kevin! =(

    Well they truly AREN'T fans if they only like Nick and Joe!

    I don't get why they say "I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS" when in reality they're only interested in the two younger ones.

    Love them all or don't love them at all.

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm guessing it's because he's older & most fans are a bit younger

    and cause he doesn't sing much

    i wish he did though cause that just like puts him in the background just playing guitar and even though he has serious skills people don't notice

    i love Kevin he's cute(i don't know why people say he's ugly) and he's like the nicest guy ever, all three of them are

    and he cares about everyone so much & people don't appreciate that

    but i think finally people have been noticing him cause look all of the sudden there are all those Kevin Jonas questions

    like you know, it's about time

  • 1 decade ago


    People bash on Kevin because they don't think he's as attractive as Nick or Joe.

    This world is full of girls who judge a book by its cover, sadly [:

    Another reason might be because he doesn't sing as much as Joe and Nick, or just because he's older and they aim for the younger 2. D;

  • 1 decade ago

    I feel the same way.

    I think that the other fans dont like him maybe because is not the greatest looking one out of the group.

    Dont get me wrong i think he is adorable but most of the FAKE Jonas Fans think he is ugly.

    I dont get why they think that, he is just as hot as Nick and Joe.

    And maybe other fans think hes gay because his voice isnt the deepest out of all of them.

    So what.

    It makes him unique and different from Nick and Joe.

    They all have something special about them.

    I love each of them the same.

    Only true fans will agree with me and you.

    Thats why i think your a real fan.





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