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What's the weather in Houston Texas right now?

And usually? Is there a major difference between the weather in California and Houston?


I've heard about the humid and I'm going to be visiting for a month and I'm worried about feeling claustraphobic, any advice

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    Houston weathercasters must have some of the easiest jobs in the country. From April through October it's always the same:

    "Hot. Humid. Chance of rain." Over and over and over.

    California is the realm of microclimates so it's hard to generalize. However, Houston is FOR SURE MUCH MUCH MUCH more humid. Compared to Los Angeles, Houston is very hot and very humid. Compared to San Francisco...well, it's like going from the refrigerator directly into rice cooker.

    Don't worry too much though. EVERYTHING (AND I MEAN EVERYTHING) is air conditioned in Houston. It is literally (and I think it's even listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, though don't quote me on that) as the most air conditioned city on earth.

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    Most clear and 95 degrees in downtown Houston

    Feels Like:99°

    Barometer:29.98 in and falling


    Visibility:10 mi


    Wind:SW 8 mph

    Sunrise:6:38 am

    Sunset:8:18 pm

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    It's in the 90's and VERY humid. Houston is always more humid than anywhere in California, that's the main difference.

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    The weather in Houston is 85 degrees,11am,no rain in the forecast.

    The weather difference Houston and California , is that in Houston we get humid,ca. hot,and dry

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    ok, i moved from california and i can tell you one major difference, you will never need a sweater at night. it never gets that cold, maybe into the 80's but it'll still be really muggy. it's gross. during the day it's hot as hell and muggy. coming from CA, you may end up having to pee constantly the first day as your body tries to adjust to not being in a dry climate. and be prepared to tie your hair back if it's long. and it'll get super curly if there's even a little curl to it so bring a hat. this is a horrible time to visit be cause of the weather, come back in april or november. just be glad you can return to california at the end of the trip

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  • It humid like always. I thinks its about 80 degrees right now and its almost 11:00pm. Thats the price we pay when living near the Gulf.

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    Weather for Houston, TX - 94°F

    Current:Mostly Cloudy

    Wind: W at 4 mph

    Humidity: 38%Sat

    97°F | 74°FSun

    97°F | 74°FMon

    95°F | 76°FTue


    Weather for California - 78°F


    Wind: S at 8 mph

    Humidity: 27%Sat

    90°F | 56°FSun

    86°F | 58°FMon

    85°F | 54°FTue

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