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Provide verifiable references: Who believed in buried or alive Biblical Jerusalem 500 years ago?

No new archeological news please, these have always been found fake after few years, more than 500 times already. Please name any known scholar of five hundred years ago who clearly stated that Biblical Jerusalem is buried or had been alive at Syrian province of Palestine?

Today scholars like Professors: Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman Thomas L. Thompson, Kamal Salibi and their fast growing associates deny existance of any Biblical city called Jerusalem in Palestine ever in the history. They point to the complete absence of any Archeological and textual evidance from the time before the time of recent five six centuries of our past. Bible as such is not considered history anymore as historicity of its characters is all disputed. Why not present any thing other than Bible for Jerusalem ever in the Syrian province of Palestine? Does any thing exist to support Biblical Jerusalem?


Yes even for inciting people for crusades, Why?

Gregory VII: Called for a "Crusade", in 1074 long before the first cusade but did not mention Jerusalem, Why?

The crying need for crusades was only:

" that a pagan race(Muslims) had overcome the Christians(in the near east) and with horrible cruelty had devastated everything almost to the walls of Constantinople, and were now governing the conquered lands with tyrannical violence, and that they had slain many thousands of Christians"

"The Crusades were the long-term result of the rise of Islam."

Elizabeth Hallam, Chronicles of the Crusades, Publisher: Welcome Rain, New York, New York, U.S.A., Year 2000.

Location of Biblical Jerusalem Was Invented to fool christians for Jihad mission to the Near East during crusades. Thus Biblical Jerusalem was founded in Palestine during crusades in the eleventh century. All stories of its destruction by Romans were mythologized later.

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    Justinian's mother went to modern day Palestine during his reign. That was only 500 yrs. after the Second Diaspora, and that was part of Rome's eastern half, which would have had the records from Jerusalem prior to the time of the rebellion.

    Odd question. I always hate questions with agendas.

    "Provide me with archeological evidence that is at least 500 yrs. old" when in fact archeology wasn't a serious field of study 500 yrs. ago.

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    A bit older than 500 years. What's up with 500 years specifically? Changing a city's name under dominion from other empires (ex: Muslim) does not change the fact that the city itself is not still there and the same one.

    Cyril of Jerusalem.

    (primary source writings)



    Concerning the 4th crusade, @1200C.E., references to Jerusalem by Pope Innocent III

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