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Gnostic gospels?

I know lots of you think Gnostic gospels are better than the real ones, so I have some questions:

1. Are there 2 gods, one good, one evil?

2. Is matter evil?

3. Are Jews scum?

4. Is it our life's goal to escape matter?

5. Is Jesus non-human?



Pastor G: I don't believe the Gnostics either.

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    I for one don't think the Gnostic Gospels are better than the real ones.

    I think the most important thing to be said about the Gnostic Gospels is that they are not real.

    In other words, they are not written by the person whose name appears on the cover.

    For example the Gospel of Peter was written 100 or more years after Peter died, so it obviously was not written by Peter, it was written by some imposter.

    Ditto for the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, it was not written by Thomas.

    The reason we know this is because experts have kept track of how language and words have evolved over time.

    For example, if you found an "Autobiography of Abraham Lincoln" on the Internet you'd have to conclude that President Lincoln didn't really write it, since computers and the Internet did not exist back then.

    Ok, so now let's assume the version on the Internet was copied and uploaded from a hand written manuscript written by President Lincoln.

    How would you authenticate it?

    Well one way would be to compare the hand writing to other know samples of Mr. Lincoln's handwriting.

    Mr. Lincoln worked many years as a Lawyer in Illinois before he became President and type writers and computers had not yet been invented, so the court houses of Illinois are full of legal documents written by the hand of Mr. Lincoln.

    For example the Articles of Incorporation and the first of by laws for the Town of Normal, Illinois. I know this because I use to live in Normal and I've seen the documents.

    So now the arguement is made, that someone copied it and uploaded to the net, so we can examine the original hand writing.

    How then might we authenticate it.

    Perhaps there is a reference in the book to Lincoln's daughter Abigail. Historians will tell you the book is fake, since the Lincolns never had a daughter, they had four sons.

    Or perhaps there will be conversation recorded where Mr. Lincoln is reading the telegram informing him that he has been elected President.

    And the book records the reaction of Willie Lincoln, who was about 12 at the time saying, "Kewl beans!"

    Well, that phrase and that spelling was not in common use in 1860, so that would tell us that this book was written recently because that phrase has only been in common usage since my children were in high school. ( At least that's the first time I heard it, from a friend of my children. )

    As I recall it was Lacey who I heard that from first.

    By closely examining each of the Gnostic Gospels, experts have been able to estimate about when each was written.

    And none of them could have been written by the person which was claimed to be the author.

    So the whole lot of 80 of them are all fake.

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    hey kayla even foolish people seem wise when they dont say nothing, hint hint, :)

    and no there is only one god.

    and matter is a big part of temptation so in than way yes it is.

    jews are human just like u so no they are not no matter how evil they might be.

    yes it was the gnostics goal to escape matter as much as they could.

    jesus is a man a messiah. gods cand dies.

    and gnosis translates into knoledge incase u did not know.


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    1: No there is one

    2: What?

    3: No

    4: No

    5: No (or yes, it is a matter of your religion)

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