John Doe is the defendant. In addition to his defense attorney, does the judge and DA know his identity?

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    John Doe as defendant can be used when the legal name of the defendant is not currently known but the plaintiff needs to file suit to avoid a statute of limitations exclusion. It's used in malpractice cases when the name of the hospital and doctors are known but perhaps there's a question as to the name of the exact nurse or x-ray technician who was involved. The plaintiff must quickly find out the name and subsitute it, or drop the John Doe. So, no, no one at the time knows his true name. Aplaintiff can, in very limited cases, be known throughout the case as John Doe when a judge has determined that protecting the plaintiff's anonimity is more important that the public's right to know.

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    There is no such thing as the anonymous prosecution of somebody, so everyone knows his name (unless his name really is John Doe, lol.)

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