Why was X-Files 2 the worst movie of all time?

I want your opinion. This is not just a multiple choice question, but after seeing the movie last night, one of the following reasons may be the culprit:

1) The only aliens to be found were illegal ones sitting in the theater out here in LA.

2) Other than Mulder, Scully, and Skinner (who shows up for about 2 minutes of the film), there are no recognizable foes or heroes from the series.

3) The storyline was a weak murder mystery that had nothing to do with any kind of conspiracy.

4) Far too much time was spent on Scully convincing Mulder to come out of retirement, then Mulder convincing Scully to help with the murder case, and then back and forth so many times I almost fell asleep.

5) Nobody wants to see Kenny Rogers stumbling through wooded areas in deep snow and falling on his knees.

6) How many more people did Father Joe have to find before someone starts to believe he's either psychic or hiding bodies?

7) Why did I spend 2 gallons of gas on this movie?


Oh, and I forgot to mention, the town the murder takes place in has like 8 people in it. So its pretty hard to imagine the body count stacking up as it did.

Also, playing the X-Files music when a picture of George W. Bush came up was just cheesy and really took away from the movie.

The pedophilia, Catholic priest, and homosexuality references were all indicators of issues that were hot about the time of the mid-90s. No conspiracy there.

Why women would go to a public pool in the middle of 10 feet of snow in the middle of nowhere is beyond me.

Why not one FBI agent ever called for backup in a bad situation was bizarre.

Why Mulder stole Scully's car made no sense, unless he was too cheap to buy one. Lord knows he couldn't rent one in the backwards 8 person hick town he was stuck in.

Can't believe we waited 10 years for this!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    To successfully answer your question in the subject, because it is the X-Files!

    In my opinion, the TV show was lame, so why wouldn't a made for Big Screen TV show be less than mediocre?

    The movie also sucked because it was made to be a distraction from the war on terror. Another documented reason for this stupid a$$ movie is the fact that movie producers were bored and wanted to make a quick buck, so they lured people in to watch this nut-job of a cinematic disaster.

    It appears you were bamboozled. So, what have we learned today children?

    X-Files sucks!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I have not seen the movie. Bummed to learn it was so bad. No 2nd chance for it, huh?

    Sorry you had a lousy time.

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  • 1 decade ago

    i heard that there was absolutely noooo point for making a sequel! it hardly made any money at all. go see step brothers instead.. youll be waaaaaaaaaaay happier! lol

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