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I just had a friend ask me, "Why are there not any good comedians who are women?", can you help me name some?

I guess your definition of good maybe different then others, of course. But let's name some good female comedians.

My list would include.

Rita Rudner

Lilly Tomlin (phone operator bit was priceless)


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    * Gracie Allen


    * Lucille Ball

    * Maria Bamford

    * Roseanne Barr

    * Joy Behar

    * Sandra Bernhard

    * Billie Bird

    * Alex Borstein

    * Julie Brown

    * Carol Burnett


    * Judy Carne

    * Margaret Cho

    * Ellen Cleghorne

    * Imogene Coca

    * Mo Collins

    * Kaitlin Colombo


    * Joan Davis

    * Ellen DeGeneres

    * Phyllis Diller

    * Rachel Dratch


    * Tina Fey

    * Totie Fields


    * Janeane Garofalo

    * Janey Godley

    * Whoopi Goldberg

    * Kathy Griffin


    * Chelsea Handler

    * Shirley Hemphill


    * Kambri Crews

    * Karith Foster

    * Kira Soltanovich


    * Shannon Laverty

    * Carol Leifer

    * Julia Louis-Dreyfus


    * Moms Mabley

    * Elaine May

    * Anne Meara

    * Bette Midler

    * Shazia Mirza

    * Mo'Nique


    * Laraine Newman


    * Rosie O'Donnell

    * Catherine O'Hara


    * Minnie Pearl

    * Paula Poundstone


    * Gilda Radner

    * Joan Rivers

    * Rita Rudner


    * Jennifer Saunders

    * Amy Sedaris

    * Sherri Shepherd

    * Sarah Silverman

    * Nicole Sullivan

    * Julia Sweeney

    * Wanda Sykes


    * Tig Notaro

    * Lily Tomlin

    * Sophie Tucker


    * Tracey Ullman


    * Betty Walker

    * Stephnie Weir

    * Debra Wilson

    There you go ... Plenty ..... These are not my favorite just ones i know.

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    Ellen Degeneres, Kathy Griffith, Margaret Cho, Chelsea Handler, Gilda Radner, Sarah Silverman...

    The list goes on and on!

    Try classic Saturday Night Live episodes!

  • Anonymous
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    Wanda Sykes

    Rita Rudner

    Paula Poundstone

    Ellen DeGeneres


    Sheryl Underwood

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    1 decade ago


    Paula Poundstone

    Phylis Diller used to be a riot until she got senile

    Sarah Silverman for those who like lame humor.

    Gilda Radner, Jane Curtain and Lorraine Newman on th old Saturday Nigh Live

    Anna Gateyer,Amy Poehler and Tina Fy had their moments too.

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    Rita Rudner

    Paula Poundstone

    Kathy Griffin

    Elayne Boosler

    Judy Tenuda

    Caroline Rhea

    Victoria Jackson

    I can picture a lot more from Comedy Central Presents but I don't know their names. There are quite a few women that are actually funny!

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    Michele Balan ,Maria Bamford ,Roseanne Barr,Alex Borstein ,Elayne Boosler ,Danielle Broussard ,Kathy Buckley ,Judy Carter ,Kaitlin Colombo ,Ellen DeGeneres ,Susie Essman ,Diane Ford ,Janeane Garafalo ,Judy Gold ,Debi Gutierrez ,Stephanie Hodge,Vanessa Hollingshead ,Victoria Jackson

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    1 decade ago

    Gilda Radner from Saturday Night Live-Rosannadana!

    Jane Curtain too.

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    I had forgotten about Lilly Tomlin. Isn't she the one who was "Edith Anne" also? And we cannot forget the late great Roseanne Rosannadanna (Gilda Radner). Carol Burnett and Vicki Lawerence were funny in their day, but the people today would not think they were that funny. Holy Guacamole. . . .someone has them in alphabetic order.

  • 1 decade ago

    Kathy Grifffin. Hilarious.

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