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citizenship questions!!!!!!!!?

if i go to a country (like japan) and do not marry there will i get citizenship?

also if a boy goes to japan and marries a girl there will he get citizenship in japan or the girl will get citizenship of the boy's country?

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    Getting Japanese citizenship is extremely difficult for foreigners. Only a few Westerners have done it successfully. Japan does not recognize dual citizenship for adults, so you have to renounce your other citizenship(s) and will no longer be able to visit your home country without a visa.

    However getting a permanent residence visa is relatively easy, you just need to live in Japan for 5+ years on a valid work or spouse visa and then apply for it.

    Marriage does not transfer citizenship, but children can inherit it from their parents. Being born in Japan does not give you citizenship unless at least one of your parents is Japanese (unlike the USA, which gives citizenship to anyone born there regardless of their parents' status).

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    First question; only if you go through an exhaustive application process. Applying for citizenship is very similar to applying for a job you know; the people in question need to determine if the country could use you or not (most of the time not....) and preference is given to specific people. If you happen to hold a degree in Physics, and hold the mathematical formula which would neutralize the power of nuclear weapons, something likely Japanese scientists are working on given their history and location, they would likely practically give it to you. If you are a run-of-the-mill bakana gaijin however (stupid foreigner....) not likely.

    From Japan, again, even married they still need to apply, and someone who marries a Japanese person can, I believe, only be given a permanent residency but not a full citizenship. Upon marriage, if you decide to stay you get a permanent residency, as to being a citizen, you have to apply and being married you are more likely to get one, though, word of warning, in Japan even with marriage the process is more exhaustive, some people having to wait as long as 10 years because of the xenophobic nature of the country.

    As to a girl marrying a boy from another country it depends on the country. If its Saudi Arabia, very easily. If its anywhere else besides Saudi Arabia which does not give women within breeding age preference, then the process is as exhaustive as anywhere.

    hope that helped.

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    No and no...Getting citizenship in Japan is very hard. Even non-Japanese BORN there don't get it ! Even if you marry a Japanese citizen it would take you over 5 years to get citizenship !

    You will always be looked at as a gaijin.

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    if you go to a foreign country, but doesn't stay for long, and/or not marry a citizen of that country, you wont get the citizenship. but if you stay for some years (country will more likely require a minimum period of stay) then you can apply to have the citizenship. but if you marry a citizen of that foreign country, it depends on the country's law, whether you acquire your spouse's citizenship automatically, or their law will still have to require you to apply for the citizenship.

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    If the boy and girl have a baby the child will have dual citizenships. :)

    My dad is american mom is japanese,

    daddy does not have japanese citizen ship.

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