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citizenship questions!!!!!!!!?

if i go to a country (like japan) and do not marry there will i get citizenship?

also if a boy goes to japan and marries a girl there will he get citizenship in japan or the girl will get citizenship of the boy's country?

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    How can I obtain Japanese citizenship?


    As a foreigner, you can obtain Japanese citizenship if you get naturalized. The conditions are as follows:

    1)An address in Japan for consecutive 5 years or more,

    2)20 yrs. old or above, and capable according to the laws of one's own country,

    3)Good behavior,

    4)Ablity to make a living by oneself or by the skills/assets of family members,

    5) Willingness to lose present citizenship by obtaining Japanese citizenship.

    However, if you are married to a Japanese citizen, condition 1) is reduced to 3 years. Also, if 3 years or more have passed since the date of marriage, the requirements are reduced.


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