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I just got released from my job for performance. I have worked about 21 weeks so far this year but at different jobs, can I get unemployment? and if so how fast and how much?

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    First off, you shouldn't waste time waiting to find out whether you could get unemployment. You should immediately file for unemployment and let the process work itself out. One thing is for sure, if you don't file a claim for unemployment timely, you may not receive benefits for each week that you missed.

    Just go here and file: http://unemployment.ohio.gov/

    But, to answer your question, it depends. You must have worked a minimum of 20 weeks in covered employment during the base period. Problem is, your base period is determined by when you file your claim. So, there's no way to give you an exact answer until you file your claim.

    And, "how much" depends on how much your average weekly wage was. So, again there's no way to give you an exact answer without knowing your average weekly wage during that period.

    Also, poor performance is one reason for disallowing your benefits. (The employer has to show that you were released for "just cause" for example, violating company policy, neglecting your job, poor performance, etc.)

    Bottom-line is that you should simply file and see what happens.

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    1. Contrary to another answerer's recommendation, do not immediately file. Because your base period (see that answer) is determined by when you file, calculate which filing date (now or in a future quarter) will give you the most favorable base period.

    2. That you worked at different jobs is not a problem, although it may slow things down. Eligibility is based on quarterly income (total of all jobs during each quarter) without regard to the number of employers.

    3. If the jobs were in different states, it will take some time for them to contact those states, determine how much you earned, and calculate the totals. If the jobs were all in Ohio, it will be faster.

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    Brian J's answer is good except that poor performance is not normally a reason for denial of benefits. Serious misconduct would be.

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    how do you figure your unemployment if you work a few hrs off and on

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