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Anonymous asked in 娛樂與音樂明星與名人 · 1 decade ago

英文翻譯 專人的 不要網路上的(緊急)

這是一篇英文作文 要寫一部最喜歡的電影 我想好要寫蝦咪

只是我英文不太會 請麻煩大家用你們聰明ㄉ頭腦 幫我翻譯一下

請不要給我網路上ㄉ翻譯 那有些文法是錯ㄉ(我同學說ㄉ)


這部為啥是我最喜歡的呢?因為第一 這是周杰倫所飾演的,我喜歡這個明星,裡面的女主角也很漂亮,所以我就去支持了。

第二 這個是愛情片,而且也聽看過的人說很感人也很好看,所以我也就忍不住想去看。(結局不怎麼好,有心人士可以幫我想想)


120左右就行ㄌ 阿里丫豆

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    The type of my favorite film is a romance movie, among film that I watch, whom I like most Zhou Jie's human relations say the leading secret that can say. In this film, describe a high school student's little human relations (Zhou Jie's human relations is played) Meet light rain in one (black silk ribbon American to play the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have) ),Two people finding each other congenial never leave each other, the emotion is heated day by day too, but the light rain is always quite mysterious, still often play one and has not come out, but beautiful and beautiful song. And whenever small human relations wants to understand some of light rain more, she often wishes to speak but not to do so on a second thought, it is a secret to only allege. But one day, until one misunderstanding take place, light rain never come to class, it is determined to find out this secret that can't be talked about to miss the light rain

    Why is this what I like most? Because first this is played by Zhou Jie's human relations, I like this star, the leading lady inside is very beautiful, so I go to support.

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