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What is your City or Town slogan/motto?

Where we live the town calls itself "The Canoe Capital of Canada" (on signs and tourist pamphlets anyways - most friends call it the "choke" o.O ). What are the slogans or nick names where you all live?


Haha on the Thunder Bay slogan. Look up the slogan I said and you will see how close I am to you. Most of my family lives in Thunder Bay. I am only two hours away. Did the sleeping Giant wake up yet?

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    also in Canada...our motto is "Superior By Nature"...Thunder Bay, ON...well that's a joke

    holy are really it hasn't woken up yet..I wish it would so it could pound all the jerks that live here...:)

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    Entertainment City

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    I live in Halifax N.S.Canada ours is Canada's Ocean play ground. They also call the people who live here Bluenosers because this is the place they build the Bluenose sailboat. It is in all the history books every were in the world.If you look at the license plate's on every car you see from other places it will tell you there sloggin but i think your trying to ask what their known best for and it is on there license plate like Halifax the first thing you see is ocean for as far as the eye can see.Hoped I helped.

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    Georgia On My Mind, The Peach State

    Athens, Home of the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

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    For Toronto I've heard Toronto Unlimited and 'Toronto: You Belong Here'.

    Besides that I don't think Toronto really has a Slogan!

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    Ha! I love my town but it is so small it does not have a slogan or motto.

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    The city that rhymes with fun.

    I live in Regina.

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    To tell you the truth idk


    but i live in the sunshine state ( Florida)

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    i have no clue haha but we have a giant statue of a fruit can

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    S - Sarcastion


    A - Always

    R - Right

    C - Can

    A - Anybody

    S - Sense


    M - Man?

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