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getting a tattoo when older.. cousin as guardian??

im 15 years old now.. and im thinking about getting a little black heart tattooed on my lower hip.. but i want to do it when im around 17. and i know when ur under 18, u have to have a parent/guardian with u.. so can i bring a cousin instead of my mom.. bc my mom would flip out if she found out that i had a tattoo.. so can i just make my 23 year old cousin pretend to be my guardian?

and i know i could just wait until im 18 and get it too but i just wanna know if i can do this.

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    Unless they look like they are at least 35 and the person falls for it, no. It HAS to be your parent or legal guardian....which means the person that is legally responsible for you.

    Reason why. A waiver form is what gets signed. If you are over 18, you can sign that yourself. If you are not, only your parent or legal guardian can sign away liablity for the tattoo shop/artist. Its a form saying that the risks are understood and you wont hold them acountable. If they let anyone sign for you, and you have a bad reaction, get infected or anything of that nature, that waiver doesnt protect them. So no legaly it can not be your cousin.

    However, in practice, you may find artists/shops that will.

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    They have to be your legal guardian and be able to prove it, otherwise you could take anyone in there with you to pretend. You could get in to big trouble for pretending this, and think about the poor tattoo artist that tattoos you, he or she could lose their job and their lively-hood. Just wait til you are legal.

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    If it's a good shop, then they're going to require proof that the person with you is your parent or legal guardian.

    Just wait until you're 18. An extra year isn't going to kill you.

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    wtf, a "guardian" doesn't just mean someone that's an adult that comes with you.

    Say your mom finds out about it (which she will), she can get your cousin in soo much trouble for posing as a legal guardian.

    If you get it around age 17, can you not wait a freaking year? You can do it the same exact day you turn 18.

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    Uhh No, you can't have your cousin pretend to be your guardian. You said it yourself, you need your legal guardian with you.

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