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how can i rip a hole in the space time continuum?

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    Nobody knows how either works, exactly. Not even gravity can be explained. So, my guess? Clapping your hands 5 times in an elevator.

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    This is actually a simple question.

    Simply generate enough force on a single point in space and fire a laser through it. Then expand the laser to make it larger.

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    In theory you can't do this, why? because you'll need to have the equivalent energy of travelling from a certain point in the amount of time it takes you to get to that point by velocity and direction, for short even by just moving from point A to point B even though the distance for example is only about 5 feet perse, the amount of energy that has happened everywhere (all over the universe) is infinitely huge unless you found a way to be able to replicate that kind of power, then yes, you can rip a hole in the space, time continuum. I would explain this more but I have kinda already answered a lot of questions today... P.S. Black holes doesn't connect anything... the correct one should be wormholes. If wormholes even exist that is. (not the literal kind that of holes dug by worms...)

    Source(s): Knowledge and calculating the possibilities of such thing... also by trying to link all the possibilities of this within the Law's...
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    Get a really really massive pair of scissors and cut space time rather than rip it. It is less messy and you can always scotch tape it back together later if you change you mind.



    The other way to do it is to start eating microwavable burritos at 7 am in the morning and wash em down with tonnes of butter milk and hands full of nuts. By a tad after 3 PM (sooner for some), you will rip huge holes in space time or someone will toss you so fast (approaching c) that your increased mass will rip the hole...either way, you'll rip away.

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    I used to have an extremely shitty tape of a few techno group referred to as Time area Continuum notwithstanding if it sounded truly stable while i became super tousled with Kristen and a selection of of alternative shirtless, sweaty, eyeball-licking perverts.

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    Expand on what you mean by "rip a hole"? You can bend spacetime through aggregating matter-energy, but you may not "rip" it.

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    By accreting all of the mass in the Universe into a single point.

    Yeah...... That's it. That's the trick.


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    7 years ago

    You need to have a time rift or vortex

    And the tech to travel through the time vortex.a time rift you can get in and travel through time

    Source(s): Doctor who
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    if u are able to create a black hole bcz only black holes can rip hole in the space time you cant

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    You can't. That would require energy equivalent to the mass of the Sun.

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