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    you can ADD contacts....?.....Some people like to send an email to another user requesting permission to add them as a contact (out of courtesy and also as a caution) and others find a contact they like and just add them...

    you can add other Y/A users to your contacts list by moving the curser over their Avatar...brief info will pop up and you should see the add as conact or block user option...just click on the add as contact option and there you go....

    If you want to email a user to make a polite request then just click on their Avatar ... this will take you to their profile should see to the right of their avatar picture options to IM or email (some do not make this information public) then just click on the email option and send them a message or IM (which ever you prefer), it may take a few minutes for them to receive it and respond (or never).....if they do not make their IM or email public then you can still add them as a contact if you wish...

    the only time you cannot add someone as a contact is if they have blocked will say if they have or not (or you will get the gist of it anyways)

    Hope this helps! Welcome to Y/A!

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  • 1 decade ago


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