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What do you think of this by Jay Leno?

This was written by Jay Leno (a bit of a shocker -- I woudn't expect something like this from him). I just wondered what you thought of it. I thought it was really interesting. It's worth the read and it's so thought provoking. I wouldn't normally think of everything this way, but I think he's right. What are everyone's thoughts on it?


It's been posted on other sites. You can look it up. I received it in an e-mail and I just googled it really quick to find one I could have a link for. Other sites don't say it's falsely attributed. Maybe this one does. I didn't read it off there. The bottom line is, what do you think of the whole thing in general, reguardless of who wrote it?

Update 2:

Here's a different source for everyone who says it's falsely attributed. This one says it is. Snopes has been wrong many times before. I don't know what's true and what's not. The point here is whoever wrote it wrote a thought provoking essay.

Update 3:


Update 4:

Nikki: All I did was scroll down and read if the article was actually in there. I went back after I posted it after everyone started talking about it to see what was going on. If I offended you, I am sorry. I'm trying only to share the article reguardless of who wrote it.

ATTENTION: Craig R. Smith wrote this article. Craig, if you're on here, my bad. I apologize.

Update 5:

Ambrose Hussein: It's by Craig R. Smith apparently who is a conservative columnist.

And I agree with what you say about how we need to keep fighting. You're completely right. But what I don't agree with is when people just sit there and whine and complain. People need to actually go out and protest, get a petition going, raise funds, etc. depending upon their cause. I can't stand people who just sit there and bash America and don't do anything to make it better. They just complain. It's annoying. Take action and make a difference.

Update 6:

Peter b: "If you don't understand that that negates any value that the words might have, you must have the comprehension level of a first grader, and represent one of the real problems we have in this country." I do understand that. But to be hoenst, I don't really care who wrote it. The author didn't attribute it to Jay Leno. Someone else did. And the bottom line is that I think it's an interesting outlook reguardless of who wrote it. He was a conservative columnist, so it doesn't really change what I thought of it.

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    Uh. So who is it really by? Just some random who put Leno's name on it?

    Anyway, I sort of agree, but not entirely. Americans are so consumerist - so used to devoting their lives to making money to buy they don't need - that they don't realize like 80% of the rest of the world doesn't even have enough electricity every day to run a refrigerator. They don't realize that much of what we have is luxury, completely unnecessary for life: make-up, big decks, boats, name-brand clothes.

    This isn't to say that just because we're grateful for what we have, we should shut up and not say anything while corporations and the government take advantage of us and regularly screw us over, or pass unfair laws harming the oppressed or disadvantaged, or what have you. It's called fighting for justice. Grateful people do not need to stop trying to change OTHER things that need improvement. We're aiming for constant improvement here.

    That's why I'm annoyed by people who claim we "whine" too much. Rather than offering as a solution that Americans, for example, join the Peace Corps so we can really see how others live, or volunteer in their communities more often, what they're usually suggesting is that we just shut up about it. We do NOT need to shut up. We need to speak out for what is right.


    2. I think it's a bit ridiculous to claim we're "the most blessed people on earth." Too many Americans forget how this country was first built: on the backs of Native Americans and imported black slaves.

    3. "If it bleeds, it leads, and they specialize in bad news. Everybody will watch a car crash with blood and guts." - Not true. People get fatigued from hearing about blood and guts. Ironically, he mentions Darfur, but fails to mention that Darfur is a *prime example* of people not caring about blood and guts. There is no mass American citizen interest in U.S. military intervention to stop genocide in Darfur. It's been the same with past recent genocides and mass murders. I take this as simply more evidence of how completely sheltered Americans are from the reality of violence.

    4. "Or possibly the hundreds of clean and safe motels we would find along the way that can provide temporary shelter? I guess having thousands of restaurants with varying cuisine from around the world is just not good enough." - This is just goofy. A great percentage of Americans cannot AFFORD to stay in these "clean and safe motels" or eat at any of these restaurants with such unique cultural "cuisine." Unless you consider Taco Bell true "Mexican" cuisine. Countries that are falling apart also have their fair share of expensive luxury restaurants and hotels. (See: _Hotel Rwanda_.) Though it's true we should be lucky we get to eat at a such thing as a restaurant *at all*, since many people in the world cannot afford restaurants of any kind.

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    This is the greatest nation on earth and you can look to our south and find Mexico which has hardly any of the great things mentioned like running water or even a transportation system . Ah but look to the north and across the ocean and you find people who have all the things you mentioned and more . Some are more free and some less some have three times the amount of vacation time and some about the same . The one thing they all have is something we do not and thats a constitution which grants us the right to be free . We lost that freedom in a little thing called the Patriot act . People in this country have lost the right to a trial . You may think this nothing , however I see a trend towards Fascism and Bush and the republicans leading the way and blazing the trail for ever more government controls over the people and more power in the hands of one man then in those of the people . I agree , no one in this country has the right to complain that we are not a nation of haves and have a lots compared to the rest of the world . Yet we are losing the most important thing and that is our freedoms . Wake up and forget what you have been told and actually read some of the laws that have been passed . Look at how this government recently decided to destroy the evidence of torture . Yet they do not call it torture . McCain calls it torture and thats good enough for me . SO before you begin chastising Americans for being just slightly unhappy you might want to take a serious look at whats been going on now for 40 years . How corporations and men like Romney have profited and lined their pockets with the blood and sweat of the American workers and service people who should defend us from invaders and are not just another tool for the military industrial complex to exploit . Trillions of dollars have been spent on defense and more weapons of mass destruction have been sold by this country around the world then I care to admit as a citizen . Its been criminal what has gone on in our name and it needs to end . So wake up do some investigation and you can start with Nixon and Kissinger caused the destruction of a once peaceful nation known as Cambodia . How we armed Saddam and Bin laden and that the majority of HiJackers came from Saudi Arabia .

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    Well considering this is on "" and shows the status as "Falsely attributed to Jay Leno" it would appear that he never said anything like it.

    Edit: from the second post you printed it clearly states on the page: "Jay Leno DID NOT WRITE THIS!

    Conservative columnist Craig R. Smith did. Please fix lest you propagate misinformation - and please fact-check before you post - a quick Google search is all it takes."

    I think it's just someone ranting their views.I understand that the authors views are trying to show us how grateful we are compared to third world nations-- but there are BIG differences between the USA and a third world country, including our freedoms, and the way we can elect leaders. I personally don't believe in God, and I hate it when people try to guilt trip me into thinking that everyone SHOULD believe in God because it's "right." What's right for one person is not necessarily right for another. Perhaps 60 some percent of the citizens are upset because we're fighting a war we have no reason to be fighting. Saddam had nothing to do with 9-11 and the Taliban wasn't in Iraq until 2004. I blame the Taliban being in Iraq on the Bush administration.

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    Read all of the article on your link. Leno didn't write it: "Comments: Apart from uttering the words that went on to inspire the final paragraph of this text, Tonight Show host Jay Leno had nothing whatsoever to do with its authorship. The original was written by columnist Craig R. Smith and published on in November 2006 under the title "Made in the U.S.A.: Spoiled Brats."

    As far as that goes, I agree with the article.

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    First of all Rose, Jay Leno did not write the article. If you read the whole page you will see the little disclaimer at the bottom. If you believe that everything that is written in that piece you must be living in OZ. Guess you never heard of the Housing crisis and all of the hundreds of thousands of foreclosures, people living off of their 401k retirement to make ends meet, the value of the American dollar falling off the bottom of the charts, The loss of millions of good paying jobs that have been exported out of the country ,ten trillion dollar national debt that will be left for our children and grand children to pay.

    The loss of over 4000 of our military, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis in a meaningless and unnecessary war . A President that lies to us with impunity and commits blasphemy ever time he asks God to bless unholy acts of murder. I don;t remember the mention of any of these things in that phony article. Can you say propaganda. You might want to look up the meaning of that word. So too some of you other pie in the sky residents of Oz.

    While it may not matter to you who wrote the article, I'm sure Jay Leno might have something to say about it. First it is dishonest to use someone else name on something that they did not write. If you don't understand that that negates any value that the words might have, you must have the comprehension level of a first grader, and represent one of the real problems we have in this country. If the true author felt that what he had to say had any probative value why did he attribute it to someone else? Otherwise, Its just so much clap trap.

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    Not from Mr Leno. However, the article is false. I don't own a home and I have no car to drive from state to state. The few times I did drive I got stopped because I'm black and I was driving in a white area. I had to ID on me so I was thrown in jail on a false charge. (Weaving on the highway). I can't afford no motel to sleep over night and the few times I did sleep in my car at the side of the highway I got arrested by the police. Yes! What a wonderful country we have.

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    The article says it wasn't written by Jay. It was written by Craig R. Smith and falsely attributed to Jay.

    Even if it didn't say so directly in the article, one big clue is the in the URL is the word "dubious". What it means is "doubtful", as in it is doubtful that it is true.

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    From your source:

    The original was written by columnist Craig R. Smith and published on in November 2006 under the title "Made in the U.S.A.: Spoiled Brats."

    Don't use sources that you don't read, it doesn't make you look good.

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    Obviously it's a fake.

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    According to your source, it's falsely attributed to Jay Leno.

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