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I live in Miami, Fl and I was adopted by my biological grandmother when I was about 11, how can obtain a copy of those records? She doesn't know where they are. I have lived in Miami since I was five and I am trying to get my citizenship and need those records so that I can claim citizenship by way of adoption. Please help...

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    Hi! Can you read this link? I have it hidden on my blog cause its for access to our records and searching isn't a justifyable reason to get our records so If you can't see it, let me know. :

    Heres the information but to get the "links" to work you have to go to that page:

    Obtaining Non-Identifying Information: Non-identifying information is available to adopted adults age 18 or older and adoptive parents.

    Obtaining Identifying Information: Adopted adults age 18 or older or adoptive parents can receive information regarding the parents who surrendered if they have given written consent to disclosure. Parents who’ve surrendered can receive information on adopted adults age 21 or older if the adopted adult or natural parents have given written consent to disclosure.

    The intermediary system in Florida gives agencies the ability to contact the other party for a searching individual and notify the other party of the availability of the state mutual consent registry. So basically you petition the courts, they look onto your file for the name of your natural parents, they do a search for them, and tell them about the registry. Then they have to PAY and register and the registry must make the match and will then reunite you. I am unclear if they act as an intermediary or not.

    Using the Adoption Registry: Any of the following persons can consent to have information released:

    adopted adults,

    parents who’ve surrendered,

    adoptive parents,

    biological siblings,

    and biological grandparents.

    A court, upon petition of adopted adult for good cause shown, may either open the adoption records or hire an intermediary to locate and advise each birth parent of the registry (if not registered). ( there ARE fee’s involved )


    Florida Adoption Reunion Registry

    Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitation Services

    2811-E Industrial Plaza Drive

    Tallahassee, FL 32301

    (850) 353-0679

    (800) 962-3678

    Obtaining an Original Birth Certificate: An adoptee must petition the court in which the adoption was finalized.

    Contact: To receive non-identifying information if the adoption was facilitated independently or through the State welfare department,

    contact :

    Department of Children and Families Post Adoption Services

    Unit 1317 Winewood Boulevard

    Tallahassee, FL, 32399-0700.

    If an agency facilitated the adoption, contact that agency for non-identifying information.


    Reform groups for Florida:

    F.R.E.E - It is the mission of Florida Records Equality Effort (F.R.E.E.) as a non-profit organization, to pursue equitable treatment of all people by the State of Florida in the issuance of original birth certificates. To this end we engage in public and political action and education with the goal of bringing about a statutory change in the general laws of the State of Florida which will insure that all persons born in Florida shall have, upon reaching the legal age of majority, unhindered access to his or her own Original Certificate of Live Birth.

    Searching groups for Florida:

    Florida Triad - home page

    Florida Triad - yahoo based email list. You will need a free yahoo ID to join. This group is for all members of the triad searching in FL

    Florida Search Angels

    Torn Asunder Search Resources

    Sunflower birth mothers Florida Database - a group of over 700 women who have all lost their children to adoption, helping bring support and search help for others.

    ISRR - International Soundex Reunion Registry. A MUST!!!

    Torn Asunder - A free mutual consent online search registry, plus a wealth of information for searchers!!!

    Florida triad support groups

    Source(s): Love Adoptees!
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    If you were adopted in Miami and you know the date, or the time frame at least, there should be papers filed with the court to make it all official. Check with the court records office in the area where the adoption was done and they should be able to advise you how to go about requesting a records check.

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    Have you tried calling the adoption agency? Or even try the immigration office. Best of luck to you.

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