how do i get to john jay seconday skol of law in broklyn 237 7th avenue,11215 from 97ave and124street 11419?

get there by bus or by train and if there is an official site for john jay secondary high school of law

thnks and the best answer get 10 point

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    My friend, here's how to get to the John Jay Secondary School from 97th Avenue and 124th Street in Ozone Park, Queens.

    Step 1: walk 4 blocks west along 97th Avenue from 124th Street to Lefferst Blvd.

    Step 2: at Lefferst Blvd and 97th Avenue, take the southbound Q10 bus going to JFK Airport. Get off at Liberty Avenue and Lefferst Blvd.

    Step 3: at Liberty Avenue and Lefferst Blvd, transfer to the "A" train (Blue Line Express). Take the Brooklyn-bound (westbound) train from Lefferst Blvd to Nostrand Avenue.

    Step 4: at Nostrand Avenue, transfer downstairs to the "C" train (Blue Line Local). Take the Manhattan-bound (westbound) train from Nostrand to Franklin Avenue.

    Step 5: at Franklin Avenue, transfer upstairs to the Franklin Avenue Shuttle (Black Line). Take the southbound train from Franklin Avenue to Prospect Park.

    Step 6: at Prospect Park, transfer across the platform to the "B" or "Q" trains (Orange or Yellow Lines). Take the Manhattan-bound (westbound) train from Prospect Park to 7th Avenue.

    Step 7: at 7th Avenue, exit the subway and transfer to the B-67 bus. Take the southbound bus from the subway to the corner of 4th Street and 7th Avenue. The bus will stop in front of 237 7th Avenue.

    I hope this information is very helpful.

    Good luck

    Native New Yorker

    Source(s): (printable subway map -- click on the PDF icon to enlarge and print) (bus timetable with route map) (timetable with route map)
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    Its a simple answer. Look it up on

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    u can walk it itz close believe me

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