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Department of defence/department of War?

Hey i am Australian but i need some help with some American history. If i was writing a letter in 1945 (Hiroshima bombings) to the Department of War/Defence who would I be writing it to i.e which department - or excact person. Thank you


Sorry was it War Department? or Department of War? getting mixed messages

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    In 1945, the secretary of war was Henry Stimson. Secretary Stimson and Army Chief of Staff General George Marshall both favored the use of the atomic bombs on Japan.

    The War Department did not become the Department of Defense until 1947, under the National Defense Act.

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    The U.S. Department of Defense was not named that until 1947 with the passing of the National Security Act. So yes, in 1945 it was called the Department of War. It was headed by the Secretary of War, who in August 1945 during the Hiroshima bombings was Henry L. Stimson.

    EDIT based on your new edit: Department of War and War Department are synonymous. Officially it's the Department of War, War Department is just the informal term. Just like today you can say Department of Defense (official) or Defense Department (informal).

    Another edit sorry...11 thumbs up for witchit for his WRONG answer?? It was called the National SECURITY Act, NOT the National Defense Act.

    Source(s): Military history buff
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    The secretary of war then was Henry L. Stimson . He was Secretary of War under Franklin Roosevelt and continued on into the Truman administration. He was a proponent I believe, of the use of the A-bomb on Japan.

    Incidentally, after the war the War department was renamed the Department of Defense.

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    He will never be called that because he does not care about our military at all. He is trying to look good but by this point it is impossible. His lack of respect for the military is a clear case of treason.

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