Will Medicaid help buy a breast pump?

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Yes, I have Medicaid insurance. Times have been very tough lately. Will Medicaid help pay for a breast pump if you are exclusively breast feeding?
Update : jrcurtis - I'm not sure why ur answer got deleted. I didn't ...show more
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Get WIC they offer it for free.
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  • Wiss answered 6 years ago
    Sign up for WIC :) They will provide you with free manual or electric breast pumps. I chose the electric and it was wonderful!!

    It is rented, you have to give it back of course
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  • Polar Bears Wifey answered 6 years ago
    Why did my answer get deleted? All I said that Medicaid would not help you buy a breast pump and that WIC would.
    Did you not like my answer?
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  • Steph~Devin answered 6 years ago
    Not that I know of. But medicaid will help you "rent" one from the hospital. Ive had friends that have done this.
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  • strawberriemama answered 6 years ago
    In Vermont, Medicaid paid for the rental of a breast pump with my son. It was a hospital grade Medela, and the hospital had already provided the tubing & accessories. My Dr. DID have to write a prescription that it a was a necessity.
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  • Jillian ~*Cohen's mummy*~ answered 6 years ago
    if you have WIC- you can get a very good pump from them


    Breastfeeding my 15 month old
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  • *Momma and wifey* answered 6 years ago
    i am not too sure how it goes... i know you can get one from the hospital when you have baby but not too sure the process. you need to call the L&D floor and find out the process of it... also the WIC office might be able to help you find a breast pump. I know here if you are exclusively breastfeeding they will give you a pump. Obviously not the most high tech one but none the less.
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  • me answered 6 years ago
    The state i live sets you up with a company that will let you rent one and medicaid pays for that. but you have to give it back when you're done with it.
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  • momof3boys answered 6 years ago
    Do you just have regular medicaid or one of the HMO programs like Unsion or Caresource or along those lines? I was told by my niece that if you are a fulltime student or working atleast part-time that Caresource will cover the rental of one from the local hospital. None of them however to my knowledge will buy one. WIC in some areas will supply one but again not sure about all their requirments.
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  • ஐ♥Bethஐ♥ answered 6 years ago
    No but you can rent one.

    Pretty cheap to. I would breast feed for a certain amount of months and then pump and pump to store your milk.

    Im breast feeding for 3 months.
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