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Do You think United States should build a wall between Mexico and the United States? Let's have a debate!?

There are many arguments as to why we should, or should not build a wall. Let me state out some facts, and truths that I know, and lets have a debate. First off, just let me state a couple facts about the dispute over these states; Texas, California, and New Mexico had belonged to the French and Spanish before we obtained them, so no, we did not take the land from the Mexicans. No one took California, Texas, and New Mexico from the Mexicans, because it was never theirs to begin with. It was the Native American's land. The Spanish and French came to America and conquered the Native Americans, taking over this region. So I don't know how mexicans use this as an argument as to why this is their land, and that they should be allowed in.

Central America is being run by ganglords right now. If you listen to the news, there is a war going on between cops and them. Many cops and high ranking officers have been murdered. Should we let these ganglords and cop killers into our country? Hell no!


Also, The border patrol is not even able to do their job.Last year February, border patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were sent to jail FOR 20 YEARS,by A VERY IGNORANT AND CORRUPT U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen, for shooting a drug smuggler in the ***. Doesn't anyone see how stupid this is? Someone who isn't even supposed to be in the country, is smuggling drugs, and shooting at the border patrol officers IS granted immunity from all charges, if he testified against them. We Americans have to stand up to this bull****!

This immigration problem is part our fault as well. Many Americans do not care if illegal immigrants come into the country because it has no affect on them. We need open our eyes to some of the crap thats going on right now, or we'll never fix it. Too many Americans are so busy in thier own little world that our country is being over run by the Mexicans, Chinese, and Muslim radicals, and we do not even know it.

Update 2:

I understand that people do want to come to America in order to find a better life, looking for work, etc. There is a way to do this though legally. Get a green card. If just half the people did then there wouldn't even be this problem, but people don't want to take the time to learn english, or to fill out the paperwork

Update 3:

the reason they don't get green cards, is because most of them would be denied or have been denied access to America because they are gang affiliated, uneducated,do no know english, or are too lazy. We can only let so many people in while trying to stabilize the economy and our own country. And don't give me that crap about how its too hard to get a green card. My aunt who lives in colombia got one, and same with her sister. I'm not saying that ALL "LATINOS" are lazy, drug dealing, gangmembers, but that's what it seems like when over 50% of the LATINO population is illegal.

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    ok i'm bored. where do i start.

    First of all i think that immigration and border security should be viewed seperately, because it's to seperate issues..kinda. People get in the country every day, for now there's no stopping it, but we continue to spend money deporting them back, forgeting that they can just as easily get back in again. So it's on going.

    We do need to have border security because of all the so called "terrorism" going on. But from first hand experience because i did work for USCIS i know that the system is backed up!! People who have legally filed paper work are waiting years and years to get it. And i come from a Colombian family as well, my mother petioned both her parents and brothers years ago, i'm 21yrs old and this was started when i was like...5yrs old, my grandparents got their Visa's like 8yrs ago, and one of my uncles who's in the Colombian military like 5yrs ago. The other uncles paper work was cancelled 2yrs ago because he got married therefore it changed his status. My step brother and his kids were petioned by my dad and it took like 8yrs as well.

    Okay so ya you can legally get a green card but only if you have a US Citizen that petitions you first. Many people don't have family already living in the US. And they want a piece of the pie as well. We should have a system that lets people come work temporarily without so much of the hassle a simple background check for felonies or drug priors should do, because like i said they can get in anyways. Then if the come do the work stay out of trouble then their status should be changed sooner to resident. why? because their is so many people in here already that we can't even keep track of and are using fake identities just to work and they arent lazy and are contributing.That way we'd be able to keep track of the people who are getting in trouble for drugs, rape etc.

    About the wall, i think it's unrealistic, i mean if the ocean can't keep drung smugglers from building sub marines, and the current guards and wall have just made them dig underground tunnel....prooves that where there is a will there is a way.

    So......i just think instead of waisiting so much money on the current deporting them and re deporting them system. We should have some kind of temporary work probabtion system to weed out all the trouble makers and what not.

    As far as border security, if we had a system like the one i just said in place, then we'd know that the people crossing the border illegaly were up to no good.

    I do think it's horrible whats happening with the drug wars right on the border. And i wish i had a solution for that, but like we've seen in the past in Miami during the cocaine era, money makes people do crazy things. That's a whole other debate that i'd really have to think about.

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    Many people do not understand the seriousness of this problem. Mexico has been our good Neighbors for years. What's causing this major expulsion of the Mexican people ?? Are the Mexicans being forced out of their country ? It is sad and if events keep on going the way they have, then there is no other choice then to build the wall. Thrity foot pilings, will have to put into the ground, and security underground too. Too bad and so Sad. Yes it is from an extreme on both sides. Can't there be a mutual agreement. Or is this already an invasion, with Chavez behind it.? If this is the case then America needs to protect it's borders 100 %.

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    Building a wall would be a logistical nightmare. The border between the two countries is over 2000 miles long. How are we going to get the manpower to build and then maintain it? Are we going to have enough people to constantly guard it? Unlike some of the other states that border Mexico, the border between Texas and Mexico is heavily populated and it has a river dividing it. Where is the wall going to be built? In the middle of it or on the American side? If that happens, how are farmers and ranchers going to get access to the river? Another problem is that some migratory animals will no longer be able to cross it. In my opinion, two much cheaper and easier solutions would be to go after American companies which encourage illegal immigrants to come by hiring them as cheap labor and to legalize drugs. It is precisely due to the drug trade that is causing much of the violence. Legalize drugs and the druglords will be put out of business and a lot of the crime and violence will go away, too.

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    The Mexican government should get it's crap together so that the United States shouldn't have to build a wall to keep out illegal citizens.

    I hate people comparing Mexicans crossing the borders to my ancestors immigrating to America because it's not the same, my ancestors (and many of yours) gave up their life savings, stayed on a boat for weeks and then went through the proper LEGAL channels to become a citizen.

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    Oh, that's actually not a bad idea! They actually do have a small wall on the border of Texas and Mexico, but that's not super effective. I do think that would work! However, if a Mexican actually BECOMES a legal immigrant, police should let them come. That's a good idea!

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    If the Atlantic Ocean were as narrow as the Grand Old River, there would be no p' nuts and cracker jacks! If I were Mexican or Latina or whatever, you can bet my back would be wet.

    The Mexi maize gov't isn't going to get their shat together any time soon, and neither is the so called American gov't if nobody can decide what to have for lunch, let alone how high to build a damn fence.

    Source(s): Never mind, I tend to ramble and foam when I think about these things. I swear I can smell my tax dollars burning.
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    first of all dont refer to us the latinos as "mexicans" cuz we aint all mexicans k. they should b let in as u saiid because alot of hardworking people come to america to better thier lives and help the families they have over to get out of poverty. the argument isnt about land. its how ganglords are ruining the name of latinos because they come here to ruin the land and the hardworking people who came here to make the lives of their families and children better than wen they were kids

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    Yes, and I bet there would be a lot of volunteers to build it. IT could be done if they'd let us.

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    The wall is on its way up.

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