Contemporary classical composers of an ethnic minority?

classical music is often seen as being dominated by white people, I know that this is erroneous but when I recently read a music critic that said that musical genres could be racist, sexist or homophobic etc sinply for being practised or listened to by one group more than another or that one could be called a racist simply for saying that a certain type of music is not very good it got me thinking about non-white composers around today, I already know a few but not a great deal, does anybody know any more?

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    Wow! there is a bunch of them! As the others pointed out, there is Ponce, and Marquez from Mexico, to add to their list look for Silvestre Revueltas and Jose Pablo Moncayo (hear his huapango, is amazing too!) then there is Carlos Chavez as well.

    From South America is Heitor Villalobos and Jose Nunes Garcia, from the US there are bunch of african-american composers, I just happen to remember:

    Hall Johnson, USA (1888 - 1970)

    Scott Joplin, USA (1868 - 1917)

    There is also Moses Hogan!!!! wow! if you do not know him, get into it...he is great too! listen to this one:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I think is a somewhat good interpretation of one of his arrangements...but he also did compose more stuff

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    If you mean non-Western European, there are plenty! Those in Central and South America abound, as some mentioned previously. To add to the list, how about Osvaldo Golijov, one of the more prominent classical composers today. I want to say he's from Venezuela (or is it Argentina?) and he is of Jewish decent. He now teaches at College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts. Type him into YouTube. His aesthetic follows the principle of everyone being able to understand and relate to the music, a kind of reaction against the 12-tone technique devised by Arnold Schoneberg in the mid-twentieth century and other more "alienating" trends in classical composition in this and the previous century. You can do an easy google or wikipedia search on Latin American and African composers. I'm trying to think of the more prominent modern ones...hmm...How about Aram Khachaturian? He was active in the early- to mid-twentieth centuries, most famous for the his "Sabre Dance" from his ballet Gayane and his piano piece "Toccata." Although he studied in Moscow, he was born in what is now Georgia (the country) to poor Armenian parents, and his music reflects folk motifs from his heritage. The influence of folk music is a common theme in the history of Western classical music (think Bartok and Liszt's borrowings from Romany folk music). The term "classical music," however, is a relative term. Don't forget there is also a "classical music" in the Middle East that follows its own set of principles there.

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    Dana Wilson- piece of mind Eric Whitacre- Sleep Karel Husa- Music for Prague John Mackey- xerxes Charles Ives- Variations on America, Country Band March Phillip glass- company, the string quartets John Adams- a short ride on a fast machine I have recently played all of these, besides the last two, with a youth wind symphony and fell in love with all of them!!

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    A listing of composers and musicians of African descent can be found at:

    The site is named for Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges (1745-1799) of Guadeloupe who composed, conducted and performed Classical Music.

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    I am Mexican and one great living composer still active is from my country:

    Arturo Márquez

    Just listen to his Danzones and "Conga del Fuego Nuevo". You can check both of them in youtube:

    Danzón No. 2 :

    Youtube thumbnail

    Conga del Fuego Nuevo:

    Youtube thumbnail

    In U.S. a passed composer that was not white was Scott Joplin with "The Entertainer", "Maple Leaf Rag", etc....

    Good luck!

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    Ethnic minorities in which country/region?

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