Why do some women try to make their feet look attractive, but think a foot fetish is weird?

Females why do you go to extremes to make your feet look good, cute, sexy, attractive and just plain beautiful but when a guy with a foot fetish likes you for your feet you think its weird? When you tell yourself you want your feet to look good, why are you doing that, whats the purpose?

There are some girls that go to extremes to have the sexiest looking feet, you walk around in high heel shoes, or open toed shoes showing off your feet, but these same girls think that a foot fetish is weird, so how the hell are you going to go to extremes to make your feet look sexy and show off in public but think that the very people that are obsessed with the very thing you tried so hard to make sexy is weird?


So what if you decided to get a pedicure, ok your feet are gonna look marvelous, and now you have some of the best looking feet around, french pedicure with french tips, so you go into a shoe store to shop for some expensive open toed high heel shoes, for what ,not to show off your sexy pedicure i guess so but to what or who are you showing off your feet to?

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    I too believe most women are too insecure about themselves. Their is too much pressure being put on them. They think they have to wear pounds of makeup, and get manicures and pedicures just to look good. Not to say that it doesn't, but it's really not that necessary. (my gf's sister even goes as far as to say that if she didn't need feet, she'd cut them off.) A lot of women don't mind if their partner has a foot fetish. And T.V makes a foot fetish seem strange and dirty. It's a foolish thing, I know but it's what happens. To tell the truth, my gf loves my having a foot fetish. Most women love it, they're just afraid to admit it. Some women are just strange about their bodies.

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    This will blow your mind because it's so simple. Women too are insecure. Many over-compensate. They doll themseves up but really don't have the mature sexual identity required to please another person. Women control men with denial. Of the fifty plus women I've been with - only one would not indulge me in my fetishistic needs- she also had little ability to perform simple coitus-

    Women love to be pampered, worshippped,obeyed, and the amount of all that as well as they healthy role-playing..It's just Great. There's Nothing wrong with it. And people that say it's weird should become ascetics and live in a monastery.Kabbish!?

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    There is nothing wrong with finding something attractive about another person. We are humans and we look for other humans that have favorable features so that our offspring end up with nice features also. Feet are just one of the many wonderful body parts that there are to admire.

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    Truthfully I have never understood it myself, the same girl you see with a tattoo on her foot is also the same girl who says ewww. Yet she got a tattoo on her foot for everyone to notice her feet. I understand looking good, but if its so important for everyone to think they look good, then why is it a bad thing for people to enjoy looking at them, shouldnt there be a use there for all the extra, time effort and money put into them. Im glad you asked, wish I knew the answer myself.

    Source(s): Sell fetish pics,videos,etc, also boyfriend and I both have a foot fetish(girls feet only)
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    1 decade ago

    Who knows some women are just too weird.

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    I think making your feet look attractive is like making your hands look attractive. If they look neat and complete, maybe the rest of your "area's" are neat and complete.

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    Sexy Little Girls Feet

  • 1 decade ago

    I know, I honestly don't give a **** about how my feet look.

    Just as long as my toenails are clipped.

    I think foot fetishes are SO DAMN weird.

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      to brecky no one gives a flying **** what you think

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    6 years ago

    i don't like american women like american men it's all sex for men and money and control for women.

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    i agree with you i guess they do it just because all the other girls do it and dont want another girl to have somthing over them but idk i could be wrong

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