Jazz pianists?

I love piano and I'd like to get into some jazz, I'm looking for some good jazz pianists to check out. I'm thinking something with solely piano for now. Who should I look into?

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    Herbie Hancock

    Chick Corea

    McCoy Tyner

    Thelonious Monk

    Cecil Taylor

    Dave Burrell

    Bill Evans

    Keith Jarrett

    If you stick to their prime era's of recording you really cannot go wrong with any of these guys.

  • Janice
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    4 years ago

    There are a great many superb jazz pianists. Here are two of my favorite recordings that I highly recommend. (One will suprise you) The first is Bill Evans - Conversations With Myself. I can listen to it over and over and it still feels fresh and new. The other (The suprise) is Charles Mingus - Mingus plays piano. One of the prettiest solo pianos I have ever heard. Jazz vocalists: I am in love with great canarys and again cannot settle for just one. The first is Anita O'Day. She made an album in the late forties with two heavy weights of swing, Gene Krupa and Roy Eldridge. The album title is Let Me Off Up Town. She was just a youngster (Late teens, early twenties) and she not only held her own with these swing heavy weights, she helped them bridge the gap into the era of bebop. In the late fifties and early sixties she did some great albums with the Billy Mays orchestra. One of my favorites is The Cole Porter album they did. Another Canary who was becoming prominent at this time was Nancy Wilson. This lovely lady has never received the acclaim that she deserves in my opinion. Give a listen to any thing by Nancy and I am sure you will enjoy it. Now with that said I still have not come to the greatest Jazz singer of all time. Joe Williams. This man had an incredible voice with a range that reached from the depths of a basso profundo that you could feel vibrate in your chest all the way up to a high alto that would carress your tympanic membrane. he had an actors skill with a lyric. When he sang a torch song like I Laugh To Keep From Crying, you really felt sorry for him. And when he belted out a rockin' blues like Roll 'em Pete with the Basie Band, it was he who was driving the band. There never has been nor ever will be the peer of Joe Williams.

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    Oscar Peterson was (in my opinion) the god of jazz piano. He is fantastically virtuosic, playing the most ridiculously flashy phrases, completely perfectly. Art Tatum, similarly was incredibly talented.

    Slightly more modern - Jason Rebello (who I've met!) is an awesome pianist, with some very varied stuff.

    Thelonius Monk is very good, but his stuff is a bit inaccessible; he was a fan of his crunchy chords, something which makes a lot of his tracks quite hard on the ears.

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    Claude Bolling, a jazz pianist, composer, a master of combining jazz and classical elements.


    Jelly Roll Morton. He bragged himself as"Originator of Jazz" it seams a hype, but his music is fabulous indeed. Do you remember the guy who piano-dueled against '1900' in the movie "The Legend of 1900"? It's him, a real bigtimer in Jazz history. By the way, the soundtracks of the movie are great!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Herbie Hancock

    McCoy Tyner

    Thelonious Monk

    Duke Ellington

    Jason Moran is a modern pianist that I find interesting.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I think you could start with something easy to undersand, like Duke Ellington. You could start by listening also a lil bit of ragtime and dixieland (Jelly Roll Morton, Fats Waller, James P.Johnson). Then, you could move to swing (Wynton Kelly, Art Tatum), then to bebop (Thelonious Monk is actually not so hard to hear, but you need knowledge in jazz harmony in order to understand some of his phrases ) and you could also hear modern guys (Hancock, Chick Corea ,McCoy Tyner). But, why to stop it there? Even if you love piano, you could hear other instrumentalists, such as:

    - Charles Mingus (bass)

    -Max Roach (drums)

    - Trane (sax)


    Source(s): Amateur jazz pianist
  • Teaim
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    1 decade ago

    If you are wanting to hear solo piano albums, I suggest these...

    Jaki Byard-Blues For Smoke

    Bill Evans- Alone

    Thelonious Monk- Solo

    Steve Kuhn- (sorry, I forget the name of the album, but I have heard a good solo album by him).

    Charles Mingus- Mingus Plays Piano.

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    I am surprised no one mentioned the Grusin brothers. Dave Grusin and Don Grusin. Their record label is GRP or Grusin Rosen Productions. Find them on youtube or somewhere and give them a listen. At least one person mentioned Chick Corea who put out a few albums on their label.

    Source(s): Own several of their CDs, [here's where I show how old I am] LPs and cassettes.
  • dick h
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    1 decade ago

    My personal fav is Bill Evans.. also look at Herbie Hancock..Keith Jarrett.. Professor Longhair...thats just what happens to be in my car right now.

  • 1 decade ago

    bill evans,keith jarrett, oscar peterson,bud powell,hampton hawes,russ freeman, andre previn,phineas newborn,mulgrew miller,kenny barron,wynton kelly,chick corea,rachel z, thats good for a start { start with the first four mentioned} good luck

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