im doing a research paper on thee hoiocaust and i need help so do anyone know any websites besides wikepedia?

I need to make this paper as good as poosible for an a so please consider some sites i can go to tanks...

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    That's the United Sates Holocaust Memorial Museum website. I've been to the museum in Washington DC, and it's amazing. The site also has tons of information about survivors; rescuers; Nazis; etc. Good luck!

    EDIT: On the homepage, go the leftmost part of the page and scroll down until you reach EDUCATION. Click on "For Students" and be prepared for a lot of info!

    For Ashley: Yeah, it is just the coolest museum I've ever visited! I took a semester-long World War II elecive class which talked a lot about the Holocaust. So when my family took a trip to DC, I had to go to the museum. It was really cool. Plus, it's absolutely free! They really want people to remember the Holocaust. They change exhibits every month or so, but their main one spans three floors and tells you everything you need to know.

  • Just go to

    also theres books at the library ask if they have THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK

    it's sad but totally true

    J J

    Source(s): I studied this same thing in school also have the book couldn't put it down
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    Source(s): BTW raceal2 i had NO idea they had a musuem about the holocaust in DC! I went to DC a few weeks ago for the first time time i go to DC i wanna check out that musuem sounds fascinating
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