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I need expert advice about in-bred pitbulls!!?

I rescued a 1week old pitbull puppy that is in-bred. It's mother & father were mother & son. My puppy is now going on 5 weeks and doing fine but I have been told in-breeding can cause mental problems,like aggression, and I am kinda worried. I have another pit named Baby who is a year old. So it's not that I am scared of pitbulls at all. I love my dog to death ! I am just worried about what to expect from an in-bred puppy. I have 4 kids and don't want to put them in danger. I need expert advice...will I be taking a big risk keeping the puppy??

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    If you want expert advice - ask an expert! You could try your local vet, but I think your best bet would be to consult with a breeder who specializes in pitbulls. They'll know all the details about the dogs and breeding them, of course.

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    Yes, it does look like a pure breed pit, but its also a bad picture to judge from because you can't see the tail or back legs, which can be indicators of purity, not that it really matters, if you are a responsible owner you'll a great dog no matter what. But from the looks of it it looks healthy and all pitty. Their fur is a little scruffier when they're still puppies, but it gets shorter and smooths out when they mature. Is the tail strong, thin pretty straight, and not too shaggy at all? Does the butt flatten after the tail or curve outward? If its curvy its more likely a good looking pit bull. But Like I said, not an issue really because its not a breeder dog with papers so you'll most likely spay or neuter and mutts are way cool dogs anyways. So good luck, and don't get jipped, the puppy should cost what its vet bills had cost, $200. Just remember, any more than that and your friends trying to make a buck more.

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    No, there is no problem. You can breed mother and son and father and daughter. Alot of APBT breeders do this to tighten the lines in the dog. You cannot breed sister and brother together, to close in the gene pool.

    She is no different then your other pit. Just love her and and make sure you give them plenty of things to stay busy.

    Pit bulls are very energetic dogs and are considered working dogs, so they need something to do.

    If you want to pm me..and I can explain more.

    I have pit bulls also, and had an in-bred once also, and never had a problem with her. In fact she was the smartest dog I had.

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    My dog is an inbred ..

    Her mom's dad was her dad.

    She is quite aggresive, even towards the family, at times she feels threatend.

    She also has physical problems, she is partially blind, and has ad some problmes with her hips.

    We also have to watch her blood sugar level.

    She's very very nervous around strangers, and dogs.

    I cant trust her with children at all (even though i got her when i was 10, for my birthday!! . she was 9 weeks old)

    However, me and her have bonded, and she is totally MY dog, she loves me :D

    But she is aggressive when we try to trim her hair.

    And she is only a SPANIEL!!

    so imagine her problems in a pit bull ..

    Good luck

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    No, normally in bred animals are just a little mentally off. They will sometimes just run in circles over and over and only in one direction. They just have quirky habits. Just give your puppy lots of love and affection and he should be fine. If he does begin to develop aggressive behavior- nip it in the bud immediatly with positive reinforcement training at an early age! You can begin training in one week! This stage of his life is very important because this is when he begins to develop his behavior and habits, so be sure to start rewarding the good behavior!

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    Inbreeding often can cause internal problems, mental problems and even so far as bone and heart issues. Just like any other dog, they can be trained and kept under control, no matter what. But you may be looking at expensive vet bills if any health problems show up, this is uncommon.

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    No, they are dogs too... :)

    No just expect more vet bills and somewhat of a deformed dog. Besides that, they are just as sweet and loving.

    Remember everyone don't breed or buy while homeless pets die!

    Source(s): I'm a vet assistant
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    You can do a temperament test at 8 weeks old.

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    complex issue. search onto search engines like google. it may help!

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