Downtown Detroit?

few questions -- my mom and i are driving to detroit so she can go to a workshop. all we know is that its in downtown michigan. we need to pick a hotel and1 ) would like to know a good hotel to go to. im 15 and i would have to stay in the hotel for a while, when shes at the workshop..2 ) would it be safe to swim and do activitys in the hotel or am i best off to stay in the hotel room..3 ) what is the city like..any tips

** if your feeling real ambitious please name some good resturants - thanks in advance **

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    Downtown Detroit will be a lot of fun. It has a ton of character and a bunch of action.


    Hilton Garden Inn

    Mariott Ren Cen

    Motor City Hotel / Casino

    MGM Grand Hotel

    Sheraton Detroit Riverside

    These are all very nice hotels. They will all have plenty of security you will be just fine in and around your hotel.

    Detroit is a very rugged old American city with a good amount of abandoned buildings and a few bums. Just be polite with a no thank you and you should not be bothered when outside of your hotel.

    Here are a few of my Downtown Detroit Favorite Restaraunts:

    Coach Insignia - Top floor of the ren cen very pricey but its neat just to go to the top to check out the view.

    Small Plates- Tapas

    Vicentes- Cuban Food

    Lafayette Coney Island- late night junk food

    Andiamo Riverfront- Italian

    Deduardos Foxtown- Italian


    DIA - spectacular art museum

    Detroit Science Center- IMAX theater

    MOCAD- contemporary art museum

    There is also a large number of theaters and sporting venues in Detroit so be sure to find out what shows, concerts, games will be played the weekend you are here.

    Welcome to Detroit and see you soon.

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    You should hang out inside your hotel and not on the outside without you parents . Good luck!

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    G Detroit has it. Good luck and have fun!

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