Can we apply for green card for our son?

(1)We are a British married couple male and female that has recently received our green cards Can I now apply for our own blood son 30 years of age unmarried with no dependants to join us in America and also be issued with green card?

(2) If the answer to the above is yes can anyone give a very rough idea and I realise it will only be a very rough idea before he would also be granted a green card Please try your best to give us a answer to this question as its very important to us.

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    A preference petition can be filed by a legal permanent resident on behalf of a spouse, son or daughter, or child, and you wait for a visa to become available.

    Your son won't immediately qualify for a green card.

    U.S. law limits the number of immigrant visa numbers that are available every year. This means that even if the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services approves an immigrant visa petition for you, you may not get an immigrant visa number immediately. In some cases, several years could pass between the time the Bureau approves your immigrant visa petition and the State Department gives you an immigrant visa number. You may have to wait longer if you come from a country with a high demand for U.S. immigrant visas.

    Applicants such as priority workers, investors, certain special immigrants, and diversity immigrants can petition on their own behalf.

    The INS will tell the person who filed the visa petition (the "petitioner") if the visa petition is approved. The Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services will then send the approved visa petition to the Department of State's National Visa Center, where it will remain until an immigrant visa number is available. The Center will notify you (the beneficiary of the application) when the visa petition is received and again when an immigrant visa number is available. To apply, contact the National Visa Center by writing to: The National Visa Center; 32 Rochester Avenue, Portsmouth, New Hampshire 03801-2909.

    Good luck!

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    A lawful permanent resident may petition for an unmarried son or daughter so the answer is YES, one of you can petition for him. He would be an F2-4 immigrant.

    The wait time for most countries at this moment is nine (9) years. Those who were petitioned for in June 1999 are receiving their visas now.

    If he remains unmarried, at the present rate, he'd get his visa when he's 39.

    Why people like ibu guru believe that permanent residents cannot petition for unmarried sons & daughters only shows that they are voicing either opinions or wishful thinking and haven't a clue about the immigration laws and regulations.

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    Yes you may, but since you are not US citizens but Green Card holders, the process can take up to 10 years. Now, if he gets married in the meantime, things can get delayed even more. It would be in your best interest to get US citizenship first.

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    1) Yes, you can, since your son is not married.

    2) Expect a waiting time of several years. You might be able to apply for and get US citizenship before your son is granted an immigrant visa, in which case you could inform USCIS of your new status, which would upgrade your son's priority class.


    Take a look at

    Also read as well as for more information.

    Also download the form you will be filing from

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    I'm afraid you can't do it.

    But you if the level of the education of your sun is pretty high (e.g. master degree) and you/he can find the job in US that will agree to file the documents for him, he can get a green card through the employment.

    If what I said doesn't make sense to you, just visit the USCIS official web-site - . You can find the answers to your questions there.

    But it would be better if you contact the lawyer - though they are not the best people on Earth, but they do know what they are doing.

    Good luck to you and your sun!

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    No. Only citizens can sponsor immigrants. You have several years to go before you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

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    good question

    but i cant answer the question because im not marry

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