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Anchorage Alaska is having the coldest summer on record is this more proof of global warming?

Even though one of the things that is supposed to happen due to global warming is higher temperatures.

Another thing that is being down played is that temperatures taken out in the oceans are not rising the way that they were claiming.

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    If it supports the AGW theory it's proof.

    If it doesn't it is discounted.

    So much for unbiased science.

    No proof of AGW being a threat exists.

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    that's the comparable in England. we've a central authority putting up taxes interior the call of world warming and are starting to be there message throughout the time of employing scare approaches. we are fed this rubbish on a on a daily basis foundation however the evidence you factor to severely isn't broadcast right here. What a con eh.

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    "Global Warming" is an unfortunate moniker. While it is accurate insofar as the theory is that the average temperature of the entire Earth's climate is rising, it gives people the impression that every single spot on Earth should be experiencing a significant warming for any given time. A more accurate name might be "climate change" as that doesn't make people immediately think, "things should all be getting hotter." The fact is, heating on one area of the Earth can greatly affect other areas whithout those areas experiencing significant warming. Is the cold summer in Alaska "proof" of global warming? I wouldn't go so far as that. It is an observation. It is evidence of some change in the climate. I don't know what you are talking about with the ocean temperature. If you could provide a source, that would help. There is certainly evidence that some areas of the ocean have been warming. Many coral reefs are being destroyed by rising temperatures.

    Edit: Although it was very mature and insightful of Mr. Early to call me a faithful idiot, I never once said I believed in human driven climate change. I said the theory has to do with global climate change rather than the local ten day forecast. Whether you believe in human driven climate change or not is a moot point. There is plenty of evidence that there have been climate changes in the past and that there are changes taking place now. If it causes catastrophic droughts, flooding, blizzards, hurricanes, heat waves, or anything else, you should still be concerned about it. It doesn't matter how it happens so much as whether or not it is happening at all. The rest of what I said is well known fact. Weather patterns are created by varying temperatures over large parts of the earth caused by the day/night cycle and the change of seasons. The destruction of major reef systems is well documented. I guess people don't care what you say as long as they think they disagree with you. If someone has a problem with my reasoning or evidences, feel free to question them, but don't call me an idiot and assume that that destroys my point so thoroughly that I will never show my face again.

    Edit 2: To Antarcticice: The poster did not say that right now, at this moment, there is a record low temperature in Anchorage. He said it is having a record low summer, meaning over the entire summer, the average temperature has been lower than previous summers' average temperatures. I don't know whether that is true or not, but your answer does not address the question. I can see for myself that the five day forecast for Anchorage is well within the average range for July with a simple web search, but that doesn't mean that the entire month of July or the entire three month season of summer may not, on the average, have a lower temperature than previous summers.

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    The bit about "it shouldn't be called global warming, it's more accurately called climate change, because it means change, not necessarily warmer temps everywhere, and the change for some could actually be colder temps...." is completely bogus.

    They pretend that we skeptics on our own took "global warming" to mean warming everywhere - - no, that's what the alarmists were saying for a good 8-10 years when that's generally what was happening.

    Once that had stopped happening for a few years, THEN they switched it to "well it's really about fluctuations...."

    It does make some intuitive sense that more CO2 could produce more changes not all of which involving warmer temperatures - just like everything else they say, independently, makes some intuitive sense - but they keep changing their story.

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    It has been predicted the Earth will begin a cooling cycle by 2015. As the Solar Cycle is ending.

    Global Warming is just hype to enact new programs to transfer wealth. There is a new scheme managed by the UN (hmm) Carbon Cap and Trade. Some companies are banking on this Carbon Trading Vehicle. They are trying to make a market out of thin air requiring payment to market participants to do business. Obviously the business that buy these Carbon Credits will ultimately Charge YOU.


    Global Warming is just the vehicle - it is not real, but an exaggerated illusion.

    Remember the FOOD FOR OIL PROGRAM MANAGED BY THE UN? Who's children were getting kickbacks under the table?

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    No. Seasonal weather patterns do not give proof for or against global warming. When scientists say the earth is getting warmer, they mean slowly over a LONG period of time. And ocean temperatures are not expected to rise. Sea levels are. And they have been, ever so slightly.

    The problem is - nobody is going to see a dramatic change in their life time.

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    An interesting question, that doesn't seem to be backed up by any facts, so here are some facts

    This one shows average highs and lows for Anchorage record highs and lows can be clicked on at the top for July that is about 40F currently it is 50F in Anchorage an average low for late July.

    and these averages for july suggest nothing like record lows

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    Maybe not global warming but climate change.

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    The Earth's climate is currently cooling. Certainly, there are going to be variations from location to location, but overall the Earth is having a cooler far.

    No matter what the weather is.... warm, cold or 'perfect'.... the alarmists will blame man for it. They have to keep up the 'man-did-it' routine to maintain grant money and government (our tax dollars) subsidies.

  • 1 decade ago's more proof global warming is over (at least until the Sun decides to start back up cycle 24 where are you?!)

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    Raise my NASA government-funded salary and I'll tell you.

    Didn't you hear? Global warming started World War I, I mean the evidence is everywhere people.

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