Are most American Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.. SOLIDERS OF FORTUNE?

I suspect that most of our military joined so they could kill people. There has been many stories about members of the Marines mad that they are not able to fight the enemy in Iraq and they are angry that there is not enough fighting. They want to be sent to Afghanistan where there is more door to door street fighting. The marines want to fight and kill.

Basically aren't they all SOLIDERS OF FORTUNE, in our volunteer military?

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    That would be all the non-military combatants in these two countries that wear no uniform of distinction (are they ashamed of their own country) they fight from positions designed to endanger the civilian population of these two countries, When not fighting against UN forces they are usually ambushing civilians (hoping to kill those of opposing religions) and using all manner of drugs during their 'stay' as 'freedom fighters'.

    These folks would be the classic 'mercenary' you are attempting to brand UN troops with.

    UN forces in these two countries are there under direct orders from their respective Governments to assist these two freedom seeking countries in establishing countries from from dictatorships, whether of men or of religion.

    The 'freedom fighters' are their primarily as a lark to get free drugs and an opportunity to kill someone. Were these 'freedom fighters' back in their own countries they would probably be criminals.

    Thank you for asking this question so that WE could set the record straight.

    Edit: Red, in response to your inquiry of the PHELPS inbreads of Kansas, she never mentioned Homo's, (or as the Phelps Cult so clevery put it 'queers') so she can't be one of that Cult.

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    The fact that you think people join the military so they could kill people is pretty sad.

    Percentage wise, very few ever even fire on an enemy throughout their tour, let alone kill anyone. 99% join to defend your country and to protect your right to the freedoms you have.

    If you have ever traveled to a foreign country [overseas, not Canada or Mexico], you would appreciate the freedom we have at home.

    Talk to a family who has had someone in the military to find out why their relative joined, rather than listen to Hollywood.

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    Our military is there to protect our interests. The soldiers get mad because they want action not sitting around waiting to be sitting ducks. By keeping the enemy on their toes they are less likely to harrass the troops.

    And no, they are not soldiers of fortune. Many joined to serve their country and to learn a trade and/or skill.

    The military unfortuanately has to kill people at times but war is hell.

    By the way you seem to be enjoying your freedom.

    Something you would not enjoy over there. Women have ZERO rights there-remember that before you go shooting your mouth off.

    Your statement is assnine and ignorant.

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    My son is one of our volunteer army. He joined because he felt it was the right thing to do. He will not even discuss having to "kill someone". He lost a friend lying right next to him under a jeep when they were under fire. He lost six others in a road side bomb.

    Where did you get such a horrendous idea. I can imagine how all the moms and dads and wives and husbands of our soldiers feel reading such a thing as you have written.

    Our soldiers who volunteer for the military do so for many very personal reasons. I do not think wanting to kill has anything to do with it. Looking at crime statistics, it seems people who want to kill do not bother with the training, dedication, loyalty and ethics it takes to be a soldier.

    Did you write to answers because you wanted to hurt others...well if so, you did.

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    You must be one of the the Phelps from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka. I cannot imagine anyone else saying such a horrible and cruel thing about our miliary. Perhaps you would like to take your tall model self into a draft and serve yourself instead of sitting home playing on a computer. You should kiss the ground our soldiers walk on.

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    Most of the US Soldiers join because of the promise of a better life in the long run. An education and a pension at the end.

    You know as well as everyone else, Military personnel target kids around shopping malls in poor areas in the US, with big promises.

    They are not volunteers, but willing recruits.

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    maybe that's because they are tired of being there and accomplishing nothing, why are they occupying? this would go a lot faster if we had better military leaders, that is my opinion.

    o ya

    through out history, occupancies always end up failing.

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