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How can i find out my capital one sort code as i cut my card up,need to pay off my account thru bank transfer!

I know i could speak to them on phone, but i'm away travelling and only have my mobile on me with hardly any credit! If anyone could help i'd be soo grateful!

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    I never heard of a "sort code" for a credit card (or any other account). Typically all you need to electronically pay a credit card bill from your checking account is credit card number, billing address, and their phone number, which you should be able to find on any statement, or online login to your credit card account. The 3 digit ID code on the signature line you should only need if you buy or charge something.

    Or if you are arranging payment from the credit card end, you need the proper bank routing number and account number of your account you are paying the card from.

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    Don't close credit card accounts. If you close a credit card account, it will appear to FICO that your debt ratio has gone up. Also, closing a card will affect other factors in the score such as length of credit history. If you have to close a credit card make sure that it is an account you’ve opened more recently. Don't max out or overcharge your credit accounts. This is the fastest way to bring about an immediate drop of 50-100 For more info: www.Harrisandassociatescreditrepair1.c...

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