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Are people brainwashed into joining the U.S. military by media and lower-middle class culture?

This is not an insult to the men and women in the military. I realize that some people do not come from good homes and have no other options after high school. I've just been researching this topic for a few hours and was wondering what others thought about it. Here are some websites you may find interesting.

typical action video game

what an adventure...sign me up

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Does anyone actually make it past O-4? I hope they're not living in Manhattan!

This was an interesting report from the UK.....

Update 3:

In late 2002 and 2003 the US government got its hands of photographs of Iraq supposed weapons of mass destruction (WMDs). This was the reason we even invaded Iraq. Bush stated that if Iraq did not turn over these weapons, we would invade their country a depose him. Saddam Hussein was adamant that he did not have WMDs and thus could not give anything over (he repeated this about 20 times). I think you all know the rest of the story as it is 5 years later and we still don't have any WMDs.

Also, whatever happened to "Mission Accomplished" that was declared in 2004?

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    Though I am starting to question the ability of some Americans to think for themselves I do not believe that people are brainwashed. They join for different reasons and while some may have a little naive view of the reality of military life most people know what they are getting themselves into.

  • Dean M
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    I've just been researching this topic for a few hours and was wondering what others thought about it. Here are some websites you may find interesting.

    Thats funny. You have been researching for a few hours and have it all figured out, thumbs up man. In several hours you have effectively gotten into the minds of thousands upon thousands of military members and came to your conclusion, which is based on others thoughts and advertisements. Do about another 1000 hours of research and ask that question again, im sure it will be a very different question.

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    People join the military for many different reasons and yes, people may join due to social/economic reasons. Remember that people can and will join for other reasons as well whether patriotism or because they believe in the missions given to their branch of the military. There are many reasons why people join.

    Oh and I wouldn't call it brainwashing either because I sincerely doubt that people are brainwashed by "lower-middle class culture." Sometimes that's the only life that people know and they just want to find a way to get out of that cycle.

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    While you are complaining about the financial "bubbles", sipping your Starbucks, spending time at the mall, looking for something to do that does not take real discipline of your mind, and participating in the waste of video games, etc., the young men and women in the military are working in an atmosphere of purpose, training, and discipline.

    How dare you insult the homes these young people come from and the supposed lack of options. The military is an option...and more.

    Gee, have you been brainwashed by the sites you have visited?

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    I joined the protection stress to get money for college and to serve my u . s . a .. I come from a good living house and might have went immediately to varsity, yet i did no longer desire to burden my mothers and dads with the value. I have been given to work out lots of the worldwide and nevertheless do as a member of the reserves. BTW. human beings do get promoted previous O-4; the optimal rank interior the protection stress is O-10. there is not any brainwashing to get human beings to connect the protection stress. in case you desire to study why human beings connect the protection stress, the superb way is to interview them; you don't get the superb study from the cyber web. >If think of that the expenses of a school guidance are "airborne dirt and dirt much less costly" you probably did no longer might desire to pay for it your self. And in case you communicate approximately finding the cyber web and observing television as study, you haven't any longer completed any college point study. BTW. State universities might desire to settle for any physique who graduated from severe college in that state; that's the regulation, no count how noticeably ranked it rather is. the only acception is while there are actually not any room obtainable for sparkling pupils.

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    Why do you hate the military so much? All u do is ask disparaging questions about the US Armed Forces.

    Many people join because of Patriotism.

    Many join because for tuition help.

    Many join because their family has served in the past.

    Many join because it is a job.

    Many join to travel overseas.

    Some join to stay out of jail (60-70s).

    Some join to make a career.

    People have their reasons and brain washing only goes on in liberal colleges like the one you attend. You have all the talking points down and they do not translate into reallity. It is easy to be noble when your parents are paying for your to go to school but the real world will not be so kind.

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    Both my parents servied in the USAF as officers but the media and families do impact some ones decison to join the military- as it may be out of a since of patriotism or even simply looking at the benifits like the GI bill and other traning.

    Either way it is our duty to make sure thatour policies keep us at peace and our men in women in uniform are equiped as well as we can afford.

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    Well yeah really.

    Like I know people who thought that they didn't have a future in college and so the military was their easy way out. Also, some of the games they have like CoD are based on the army, without the intention of brain-washing(I think). But I think that people see the military as an easy way out but really it's not and they don't understand how hard the military can be.

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    No I think it is lower middle class people like me that don't want to work themselves like their parents. I can't afford to go to college on my own I get none of the government assistance out there but my parents are to poor to help me go. So the military comes in and offers college, health insurance, retirement and etc. it is pretty alluring to say the least. I felt like it was the only way to break the cycle of poverty for my kids someday, i don't really want to go but I know it was for the best in the long run.

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    Well if they were then there would be more recruits from the inner cities but as your links said most of the troops seem to come from the mid west and south like Texas, Kentucky, and Arkansas.

    The media affects the inner cities the most since well that's where you can find a lot of technology and advertisements.

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