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A. Grammar. Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. (20%)

1. ‘_____ this week?’ ‘No, she’s on holiday.’

A) Is Susan working B) Does Susan work C) Does work Susan

2. Jim is away on holiday. He _____ to Spain.

A) has gone B) is gone C) has been

3. _____ tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere.

A) I help B) I’m helping C) I’ll help

4. I’m not tired enough to go to bed yet. I wouldn’t sleep if I _____ to bed now.

A) go B) went C) had gone

5. We _____ by a loud noise during the night.

A) woke up B) are woken up C) were woken up

6. Hello, Jim. I didn’t expect to see you today. Sonia said you _____ ill.

A) were B) are C) was

7. You can’t stop me _____ what I want.

A) doing B) do C) to do

8. Call an ambulance. There’s been _____.

A) accident B) an accident C) some accident.

9. I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. _____ is getting married.

A) A friend of me B) A friend of mine C) One my friends

10. I’ll be at home _____ Friday morning. You can phone me then.

A) at B) in C) on







People with positive emotional (1) _____ can function (2)_____. They can think for themselves, make

decisions, plan their lives, and follow through with their plans. (3) _____, people who have difficulty making

Update 2:

(4)_____ are often immature and (5)_____. They are afraid to face the (6) _____of the decisions they make, so they make as few decisions as possible. Growth (7)

Update 3:

_____making mistakes as well as (8) _____success. Our mistakes are best viewed as learning (9)_____. We must take some (10) _____in order to live our lives most fully. (Source: McWhorter, K. T., (2000) Guide to College Reading, pp. 71-72.)

Update 4:

____1. A) are B) wellness C)advice D)alarm

____2. A) transmitted B)pessimistically C) independently D)skeptically

____3. A) means B)dominate C) interestingly D) conversely

____4. A) decisions B) precision C)creation D) noise

____5. A) hypothesis B) insecure C) convey D) routine

Update 5:

____6. A) consequences B) governments C) corporations D) memory

____7. A) evolves B) involves C) suggests D) takes

____8. A) to achieve B) achieve C) achieving D) achieved

____9. A) experiences B) goals C) dreams D) expectation

____10. A) exams B) risks C) exercise D) break

Update 6:


Update 7:



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    1~5. BACBC


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