Satellite Radio, is it worth it?

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My parents just bought me a car and it comes with 3 months free of XM radio. I basically listen to a rap station that gives me a bunch of songs i've never heard of. And Espn more
Update : I forgot to add that I have an ipod that can connect to the car
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I have to be honest. Since I WORK for a broadcast radio station I'm going to say...neither. Listen to your RADIO for free! (or if you like new AND old rock to to Sorry, cheesey plug)

On the other hand, I'm realistic. It all deponds on what you want to listen to and what the satalites have to offer. Go with the one you like.

As of today, the FCC has let XM and SIRIUS merge. So, sooner or later, it's not going matter which one you by because there is only going to be ONE satalite company to choose.

Isn't that a monopoly?
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  • Sylvie answered 6 years ago
    We have XM - and I don't think it's worth it, unless you spend alot of time driving.

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  • THE UNCOOL 1 answered 6 years ago
    I have xm, & really like it. It came in a car I bought(GMC). So I bought one for my van. It's the type you can take into your house & play on a home docking station, which I also got. The only problem with just having it in your car, is that you need to be in the car to enjoy it.
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  • Radio Chick answered 6 years ago
    NO it's not worth it. They're merging so it really doesn't matter which you get. If you only get 80 a month...well its around 15 a month minimum which is going to take a good chunck of your allowance. And with the merger, this now creates a Monopoly...what's going to happen with their rates now...we'll have to wait and see. They could really hike it up because they're the only game in town for that now. I would say, stick with RADIO. It's free, it provides local info that satellite will never have. Plus, you don't make much money right now to spend on crap like Satellite. Save your money for important stuff later on.
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  • HeeHaw answered 6 years ago
    1: Get either one. They will be merging together soon.
    2: It's worth it. You can hear whatever you want anywhere you go.
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  • john Galt answered 6 years ago
    1) they are trying to merge.

    2) not for me, I don' t want to pay to listen to music on the radio, and talk radio is mostly communist leaning.
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  • Deka answered 6 years ago
    (Your parents bought you a car but you can't get a job?)

    If you get XM or Sirius it won't matter in the (near?) future. The two are merging and just paid the FCC some money for some violations so they could carry out the deal sooner.

    Personally I own XM and I love it. I bought it back in 2005 with my christmas money and have been addicted to it ever since. With XM you also get an online version (I think Sirius has an online too?) There is always a raging debate between which is better sirius or xm, there are a multitude of Dual-Subbers (people who own both) who give side by side comparisons. From the information they provide I assess that XM has a deeper playlist beneficial to the music I listen too. However, I don't know about the depth of the playlists for your genre on either service, but I know for multiple genres XM holds the better playlist.

    As for sports programming? Thats the reason I went with XM, but I'm a baseball person. And college football(basketball too)

    To me personally I find satellite radio to be worth every penny I pay for it, and as a high school student and college student paying for it was rather difficult at times, but I made it work. However I am an audiophile (with the tattoos to prove it) and enjoy the opportunities that satellite radio provides me to discover new artists that might never make it to terrestrial 'mainstream' radio.
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