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Horror 80's movie! where a child rapist in a car is attacking a School bus.?

this movie is a bit like "Duel" and "Death Proof". A psycho or rapist is following a school bus and kidnaping girls and then letting them go when he is done with them. the female school bus driver is related to one of the victems or soon to be victems. she trys to keep away from the car psycho or seek revenge for what he has done to her daughter.

in the end of the film the car is casing after the bus in some sort of mining area or landfill. the car goes over the cliff (kind of like Duel) and everyone is safe

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    Wheels of Terror (1990 TV movie)

    IMDb synopsis:

    This is a movie about a mother (Joanna Cassidy) and her daughter (Marcie Leeds), who move to Copper Valley, Arizona, to get away from the city life of Los Angeles. A black 1974 Dodge Charger appears out of nowhere, terrorizing young school girls in the Copper Valley community. Later on, the driver kidnaps the daughter right in front of her mother, who is driving the schoolbus. The mother makes a desperate attempt to reclaim her daughter by chasing the black sedan through the rough Arizona desert terrain.

    IMDb review:

    I must say at the outset that it was well worth the wait to finally see this excellent film. Yes, I can see how the plot could be considered a DUEL rip-off, but it manages to be original by throwing in a plot about a real horror we must face in real life: that of a perverted and mysterious child killer. Said killer is never actually seen in the movie (not even a glimpse, unlike the DUEL truck driver whose feet and hands on the steering wheel are seen at certain junctures) but is represented by his omnipresent '74 Dodge Charger, one of the most menacing vehicles ever seen in a movie. I said to a friend recently that I always think black Chargers make excellent 'villain' cars, which is why I'm glad Tarantino is using one in his DEATH PROOF segment of GRINDHOUSE.

    Joanna Cassidy is brilliant in her role as divorced bus driver Laura, trying to raise her daughter in Arizona, and eventually having to save her from the unseen child molester after she is kidnapped. I admit I haven't seen many films Ms. Cassidy has made but in the few I have seen (WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT, BLADE RUNNER and GHOSTS OF MARS), she has been absolutely wonderful. Her desperation and determination to save her daughter and ensure the pervert never harms anybody again are very believable. The rest of the cast are OK, though apart from Marcie Leeds as Stephanie, Laura's daughter, very few of them are on screen long enough to make much of an impact. I agree with some reviewers about the whiny kids on the bus during the big chase sequence being annoying, but at least Laura lets them out to call the police. And in case you're wondering how the school bus can keep up with the murderous muscle car, there's a gratuitous info-dump scene near the start where Latino mechanic Luis points out that he put a racing engine into the bus. Why he would do that I don't know, but it explains how the bus is able to chase the Charger.

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    Jeepers Creepers 2.

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    i think it might be dirty harry. is this the scene?

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    if so, then yeah, its dirty harry.

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