Does anyone know the discography to the soundtrack of the movie "The Beauty Shop?"?

Like the list of all the songs that are played through out the movie. Queen Latifah is the main actress in the movie. There are a couple songs on there I like, and can't seem to identify them. Like this r&b song that has a little voice - I don't know how to describe it. PLEASE HELP!! thanks

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    "Call Me"


    Written by Randy Muller

    Performed by Skyy

    "WJLM Jingle"

    Written by Chris Neel

    "Don't Cha"


    Written by Cee-Lo

    Performed by Tori Alamaze

    "Jorge's Salon"


    Written and Performed by David Reynolds


    Written by Friedrich Burgmüller

    Performed by Margie Balter

    "What's Going On"

    Performed by Shine

    "Jorge's Salon"

    Written and Performed by David Reynolds


    Written and Performed by David Reynolds

    "In Da Club"


    Written by Mike Elizondo (as Michael Elizondo), 50 Cent (as Curtis Jackson),

    Dr. Dre (as Andre Young)

    "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof Off the Sucker)"


    Performed by Parliament

    "Bro Ken Rap"

    Written and Performed by Mark A. Mangini (as Mark Mangini)


    Performed by Jean Grae

    "Shampoo Girl"

    Written and Performed by David Reynolds

    "Ghetto Love"

    Performed by Kisya

    "Arkansas Girl"

    Written and Performed by Little JJ (as L'il JJ)

    "Whole Lotta Love"

    Performed by Golddiggez

    "Knocks Me Off My Feet"


    Written by Stevie Wonder

    Arranged and Performed by Mark Batson and Margie Balter

    "Sarah N' Rap"

    Written and Performed by Mark A. Mangini (as Mark Mangini)

    "Take Me Home"


    Performed by Sara Devine

    "Let Me Do Me"

    Performed by Quinn

    "You'll Never Find (A Better Woman)"


    Performed by Teedra Moses

    Contains a sample of "Better Woman or Bigger Fool" (1982)

    Performed by Alicia Myers

    "Sugar Walls"


    Performed by Angela Kohn (as Jacki-O)



    Written by RuPaul (as Rupaul Charles), James Harry (as Jimmy Harry), Larry Tee

    "ATL Skyline"

    Written and Performed by Teodross Avery

    "I'm Caught Up"


    Performed by Elizabeth 'Yummy' Wyce (as Yummy)

    "Amazing Grace"


    Performed by Alfre Woodard

    "Guerilla Nasty"


    Performed by Guerilla Black

    "Giant Steps"


    Written by John Coltrane

    Arranged and Performed by Margie Balter

    "Tainted Love"


    Performed by Gloria Jones

    "I'll Take Your Man"


    Performed by Salt-N-Pepa

    "Lean on Me"


    Written by Bill Withers



    Performed by Petey Pablo featuring Rasheeda Frost (as Rasheeda)


    Performed by Erica Dymakkus

    # "Salt Shaker"

    Performed by Ying Yang Twins featuring Lil' Jon (as Lil Jon) &

    # "Could It Be I'm Falling in Love"


    Performed by The Spinners

    # "Finding My Wings"

    Written by Margie Balter

    # "Hard Times"

    Written by Chico DeBarge (as C. DeBarge)

    # "Sincerely"

    Written by Kina Cosper,


    Written by Jill Scott, Anthony Bell

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    Mine is Sleeping Beauty with The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast both as runner ups.

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