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when spawning bettas can you use a plastic cup instead of a Styrofoam cup?

i made a spawning tank with everything.

i dont have Styrofoam cups but i do have plastic ones.

could i use the plastic one and maybe put tape on the cut edges so it doesnt hurt the fish?

also how long would it take for my male betta to make a bubble nest?

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    Sure, plastic is fine. You don't actually even need a cup if you have floating plants and the tank is draft-free covered. Putting the cup in just gives it one more layer of protection against having the bubble nest popped if any draft goes by and gives the fish somewhere to anchor his bubbles (in the wild, the fish don't often use floating cups to spawn under). You'll probably have to tape the cup to the side of the tank since it's lightweight enough to go floating around merely because of the swishing of the fish's fins.

    How long it will take your male is up to your male. Some males immediately upon being put into a nice clean breeding tank start blowing a nest. Others only blow bubbles after the eggs are laid. Some never figure it out. I've even had a few times where the female picks up the eggs and start blowing them into bubbles and only then does the light go on in the male's head that, gee, that's a great idea! All depends on your fish.

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    the reason for using a styrofoam cup is the buoyancy. some plastics are heavier than water and will sink. you do not necessarily have to use a cup. use a floating plant or a leaf. they will even build their nest on tall plants that extend up to the surface. basically, anything that will float that will not poison them can be used

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    The bestest and maximum inexpensive way is bypass to the therift save, and purchase a small glass vase, cup, or something of that form. I certainly have lights furniture in my and a vase in my fifty 5 gallon aquarium and that they like it. basically bleach it and permit it air out an afternoon or so.

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