Margaret Mitchell and gone with the wind?

when the movie gone with the wind came out what did margaret mitchell think of it?

did she like it?

did she despise it?

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    According to IMDB, Margaret Mitchell approved of the film (overall) and liked the job Vivien Leigh did as Scarlett. Here's their quote: "She personally approved of the interpretation of Scarlett O'Hara by actress Vivien Leigh when she finally saw Gone with the Wind (1939). Overall, she also liked the film with a few minor quibbles. She thought the house at Tara (the O'Hara family plantation) should have been much more modest. She also reportedly did not like the introductory "crawl" that appears on the screen after the opening titles ("There was a land of cavaliers and cotton fields called the Old South ... ")."

    I've both heard and read in the past that Margaret Mitchell wanted Leslie Howard to play Ashley Wilkes and was pleased that he did so. (I didn't think he fit her description, but she did evidently. I suppose I have chutzpa!)

    ***As a note to dana2592: Why Hollywood didn't attempt a sequel will be answered by this bit of trivia - also on IMDB - "After her death, her brother Stephens Mitchell controlled the copyright to "Gone With the Wind". During his life, he steadfastly refused to grant rights to any sequel (print or film) or filmed remake. Only after his death was the sequel approved, which was adapted as the TV miniseries "Scarlett" (1994)."

    ***Note2: I didn't like Scarlett, either, but I might "bite the bullet" and read Rhett Butler's People. I approach sequels (or additions) to classics and written by somebody else with great trepidation! Yikes, I really hope today's Hollywood doesn't have the temerity to think they can do a better job than the original movie! The possibility of who they may cast as Ashley, Rhett and Scarlett is mind-boggling. A copyright is, from what I understand, in existence for a full 70 years after the author's death. If the author died after January 1st of the year, the copyright exists until the January 1st following the 70-year mark (at least in America).

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    Margaret Mitchell Movie

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    I am sure that she was pleased that the movie won 8 Oscars and was a huge success. She attended the premiere. I am shocked Hollywood didn't think about the remake although I think they are smart enough to know that for many people it's hard to imagine someone else in the roles of Scarlet or Rhett.


    To CK. Thanks, CK. Yes, I watched the sequel. It really sucked I meant rather a remake, based on the original novel with - just like they did with so many movies. Grrrr, I don't even want to think about casting - Brad Pitt and Angelina ? I have heard that the M. Mitchell heirs didn't let anyone to make any sequels (although with a "blockbuster" and an open ending it was very tempting for many) and only when they were about to lose the copyrights (I think it's 50 years after the death of an author), they hired Alexandra Ripley (I guess it would extend their rights for another 50 years). However, recently they let two other books to be written (one of them was Rhett Butler's people).

    To whiteharleytrike - I guess you address your post to me. There is no need to be rude. Yes, I have read and seen Gone with the Wind. Yes, I have seen Scarlet. And yes, I read the Rhett Butlers People (personally, much better that the sequel by Ripley). I think I answered your questions. However, I meant "remake" and not "sequel". You know, the same movie with different actors and better visual effects? Something like King Kong or 3:10 to Yuma?

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    a million. Scarlett & Mitchell have been Irish Catholics in ancestry. 2. MM's mom died of influenza & Ellen O'Hara died of typhoid 3. MM died in an vehicle accident on Peachtree St. This highway became a area interior the e book, additionally.

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    have you read or seen the movie gone with the wind? did you read scarlett? have you read the latest book that was approved by ms mitchell's estate? it is rhett butlers people by donald mccaig. it is very good and it is much better than scarlett in my opinion. it is very sad in places too. i can't answer your question at all, but i did want to tell you to read the new one.

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  • 1 decade ago

    One thing Margaret Mitchell was unhappy about was her dismay at how little the plantation facade resembled her description of it in her book.

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    Good question. I'm not sure.

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