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I have never played baseball on a team but I want to next year, what should I do?

I want to play baseball next year for my school, but I have never played baseball on a team before. I have a good arm and can hit pretty good. I go to the batting cages near my house a lot. What would I have to do to get ready if next year would be the first time I ever played on a team? I know most high school coaches expect their players to know what they are doing once they get to high school, but I really want to play baseball. I am going to be a sophmore. What would I have to do? I mean like practicing.


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    I know I answered this already.Since your 15 idk if you can play little league. I'm 15 and I was on my high school's varsity team as a sophmore last year. First you need to decide what position fits you best, try second base or right field. You do not need to worry about hitting at first, just make sure you can throw a ball and play hardnose defense. Once you establish that, then you can begin working on your swing. Since you are new to the sport, then your swing should be fresh. My coach always says that when you were a little kid learning or playing around in the park playing baseball, your swing is always perfect and he has pictures of kids swnging and cmpares the swings to like Albert Pujols and htey are the same. Little League always messes your swing up and I'm a living example, my little league coach messed me up and my high school coach helped me. When you do swing, imagine that there is a pole going through your head down. Just rotate your hips and have a short compact swing. Also do not move your head. If you do want to learn the sport of baseball then try to watch it everyday or practice everyday. Every opputunity you get watching or playing, you will get better.

    Source(s): 11 years experience. I also talked to baseball players too. LOL Like John Lackey and Orel Hershiser.
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    Routinely go to a field and have someone hit sharp grounders to you; field them and throw them at a base. Practice form and being smooth. Also, keep on hitting at the cages, and have different pitches thrown at you if possible. If there's anywhere you can play summer or winter ball, join. And also, look in your local paper, there are lots of coaches available for instruction.

    Good luck man.

    Source(s): Played baseball for 10 years. Talked to college and pro coaches; players.
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